Building The Most Beautiful Survival House Villa By Bushman Skills

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Building The Most Beautiful Survival House Villa By Bushman Skills 5
Building The Most Beautiful Survival House Villa By Bushman Skills

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Next episode: “fighting the ender dragon

Author — calmskater Instagram


If he can build a survival house like that imagine what he could build on creative.

Author — Alex Latus


When WiFi goes out for 3 seconds
Me :

Author — bbisgaming


im watching him do all this hard work building a home while im in bed eating doritos lol

Author — goodolfashion


This man must be a real Minecraft-god.

Author — Borna909


*Now I Know What Grayson Dolan Watches* 😂😂

Author — Saarah L


*The finished trailer looks great, and at every step in the process! I like the close-ups of the weld when you were calculating stuff. I think you have made the best "tiny house" video I have seen. Informative, pauses to absorb info, visual ( **** ), step-by-step, 2x forward!*

Author — Dwayne Robbins


Grayson did well if this was the video he got his inspiration from

Author — Your Girl Aliya


So this is how they built T-Series Headquarters.

Author — Daniel Palasti


Mom: “The line for the ride will be a couple hours honey”


Author — Gray Wolf Vlogs


Me: *goes outside*
Me: lets build a house
Me: *sees spider*
Me:ummm... lets go back inside

Author — ALEXX110220


He even worked in the rain? That’s a skill cuz builders don’t work in rain and I don’t think anybody does. Awesome!

Author — Maddie Plays


When the Ark Sever has a 15 minute Update



You are the builder version of bob ross

Author — epicgirl 002


I bet Grayson Dolan has watched this 🤔

Author — Idek anymore


Give this man duct tape and he will build an Empire.

Author — Sherlock Holmes


This MAN IS A LEGEND he builds while there’s a storm/rain THIS MAN NEED A 10MIL SUBS

Author — nOtRe4l_ Plz


**finishes video and goes to his
$7 million real house**

Author — Yosra 21


2:51 He's watching us and the post too.

Author — Yurekha Sookram


When you forgot your keys and mom still isn't home so you have to make yourself a new house

Author — Po Prostu Ja