Stage Kids - Self Titled (Full Album)

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  • ℹ️ Published 8 years ago

Track list:
00:00 - 01. Stitches
03:07 - 02. Peanut Butter
08:15 - 03. Absinthesizer
11:55 - 04. The Crowd Pleaser
14:46 - 05. Questions and Answers
17:55 - 06. TMR

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💬 Comments

Listened to this album like 40 or 50 times now. It's so good.

Author — TheInherentFloyd


These guys are becoming one of my favorite bands! This definitely deserves more than 256 views

Author — Kristen Malacara


This is one of the best music channels I've ever listened. Thx for sharing these bands. Your channel is underrated. I'm going
show you my friends, if you don't matter. Thx to Stage Kids, of course.

Author — Noonnan Émile Moreno


Yo, I just heard Stitches on NPR as transition music between segments - so glad I found Stage Kids!!!

Author — Jacob Bedroske


So yea, this is a sick album. Thanks for the share!

Author — Dustin Webster


Just saw these guys in Denver, Colorado last night. Pretty fucking good

Author — Miles Roper


Hey this album isn't on spotify. Maybe because it's so old

Author — Chamomila