Cervical fascia

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This tutorial focuses on cervical fascia (fascial planes of the neck):
0:00. Intro to cervical fascia
0:17. Orientation
1:30. Superficial cervical fascia
2:03. Deep cervical fascia
- 2:23. Deep investing fascia
- 4:02. Pretracheal fascia
- 5:09. Prevertebral fascia
- 7:28. Carotid sheath
- 8:59. Infrahyoid fascia
9:52. Anatomical spaces in deep cervical fascia
- 10:39. Retropharyngeal space
- 12:51. Danger space
- 13:11. Review of both spaces and challenges with jargon
14:38. Review (In a nutshell)
15:51. Acknowledgments

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I love how he occasionally says „that was fun“, ist tricks my brain into thinking it actually is:D thanks for making this rough topic enjoyable

Author — May K.


Literally it's the first time i understand cervical fascia. Thanks :))

Author — Ayşe Akpınar


Thank You, Sir, for preventing me from commiting suicide while deep diving into neck anatomy!

Author — Matea Zrno


one of the best anatomy teacher on youtube.

Author — Ajay Kumar


thank you so much for this video! I absolutely loved:
1. the way you highlight parts of the drawing that you are talking about
2. various sounds to keep the audience's attention and emphasize points
3. teaching us on the various 3D planes!

Author — Buttermilk Pancakes


This puts just about any other anatomy video to absolute shame. What a wonderfully well-put explanantion!

Author — C VDP


You cut my studying time in half. And I remember the information for a long time. Thank you so much.

Author — Ndinelago Ipinge


I study dentistry in Germany and I'm sad I just now discovered your channel when I barely need it anymore. Your videos are really explainatory - thank you! :D Unfortunately it's difficult sometimes with the terminology because we use all Latin names so I sometimes have to look up what you're talking about.

Author — Asuca TheBLUBB


I want to cry cuz you are so good that I finally understand this beautiful topic. Thank you for making our lives easier!

Author — Curious Ant


I love how you use schematic dissection and removal layer by layer to explain an area. It helps me get a 3D image of the area in my head which is easier to remember than cramming a whole page explaining it

Author — Avinandan Dey


I'm not the kinda guy that comment on YT videos, but you really deserve my congratulations. Best Anatomy videos on YT.
I wish I had whatched your videos on my first 2 years of med school ...
THANKS, sir.
From Brazil.

Author — Matheus Pedrosa


Screw radiologists.

Jk lol, but thank you so much for your efforts. You are my go-to for every anatomy lecture!

Author — Arqam


I can't believe how well this video is... literally your videos never disappoint please don't stop posting anatomy this is pure gold

Author — Ahmed Hshyar


Thank you so much for making anatomy lessons so interesting!

Author — shubham kushwaha 84


Thanks sir. Hope to see complete head and neck anatomy series here.

Author — MA K


Everytime I watch something here the entire subject finally locks in.

Author — Keith Vernon


You are so awesome! I really love how I can struggle with a concept for 10 years and you tell me whats right and left in under 20 mins.

Author — Cali Penn


Thank you Dr. Morton for making this YouTube channel...You have cleared up so many of my confusions that were essential for my progress. Your teaching style is excellent.

Author — JALPAN


Omg, Thank you thank you thank you! This makes the concepts so clear! Really needed this video!

Author — Amandeep Kaur


As always another superb video! Thank you for transforming such an esoteric and confusing topic into an easily understandable one. You truly have a gift!

Author — MrRentgen