Do schools kill creativity? | Sir Ken Robinson

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Do schools kill creativity? | Sir Ken Robinson 5

Sir Ken Robinson makes an entertaining and profoundly moving case for creating an education system that nurtures (rather than undermines) creativity.

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I hope that people don't misunderstand this video. It's not that school isn't important. It obviously is. However, creativity is not something you learn through typical education. Art is more about experience than it is about knowledge. That being said, knowledge is still very important.

Author — TrueUnderDawgGaming


You know what's ironic, we literally have to write an essay about this in school. lol

Author — Montexic


It's incredibly upsetting how old is this and how everything is still the same.

Author — sara c


It’s so sad now that he’s gone, he will be dearly missed, Rest in peace Sir Ken

Author — TheOnlyJoe_


Clap clap. 12 years have gone by, we're still in the same boat.

Author — aerozg


Do schools kill creativity? Making an entire class write something they have no interest in and forcing them to have X amount of words. Yes. I would say it does. It kills the want to learn.

Author — Smartgaming


School kills everything. Creativity, The Soul, Self Esteem, Individuality, Innocence, Critical Thought, etc.

Author — William Koscielniak


Who's here after hearing of his passing? This is one of the best TedTalks I've watched. It definitely helped me shape my principles as a teacher. You will be missed.

Author — Ryan Mark Camposano


The audience is laughing but actually what he says is very painful.
Schools kill not only creativity, but also innocence.

Author — Sumaya Adel


I wished schools had mandatory life skills classes where you learn how to do your taxes, register to vote, maintain a bank account and other very very important things like these.

Author — VaBeach Beach


I was just saying that kids tend to know what they want to be when they grow up.
High school kids don't have a clue.
That is evidence that there is something wrong with our system.

Author — Compscript


:Nobody knows how the God looks like
: They'd in a minute.

Author — tee kanyel


"The only obstacle in my learning is education"
-Albert Einstein

Author — Tripat Singh Dhillon


Modern education: Creating people who are smart enough to accurately repeat what they're told and follow orders, and dumb enough to think this makes them smarter than everyone else.

Author — MystiCult


I've just found out. If someone cracks a lot of jokes and is british, they're probably right

Author — Danilo Mancini


This is the number one TED Talk of all time.

Of. All. Time.
Clearly it resonates with so many people.

Dear Sir, you will be missed. <3

Author — Julie Schiffman


Schools: we are all different!

Also schools: *gives everyone the exact same work that all has to be done the exact same way*

Author — Insulam Archipelago


So sad to hear of Sir Ken Robinson’s passing yesterday (Aug 21, 2020). This talk from more than a decade ago was one of my favorites growing up, and I hoped to meet him in person someday. An inspiration to so many. RIP Sir Ken Robinson (1950-2020).

Author — Tae Young Woo


I hate it when you do something a certain way that works efficiently and correctly but the teacher gets mad because it's not the way you're supposed to do it.

Author — Ali ens


Yes, it does. I love writing, I'm trying to write a book, but I never have time to do so. I have no time to do anything I love - I have to write essays, tests, worksheets about things I don't care about. Now to open MS Word brings a tsunami of anxiety down upon me when I want to work on my passion project. My mind is mush by the end of the day, and I can't do it anymore... it's disheartening.

Author — General Nuisance