Trump’s Disastrous Summit with Vladimir Putin | The Daily Show

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Trump’s Disastrous Summit with Vladimir Putin | The Daily Show 4.5

Trump defends Putin at a summit in Helsinki, throwing U.S. intelligence under the bus.

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💬 Comments on the video

KGB Agent VS KFC Agent ---> Im dying here XD

Author — Sam Masghati


This is what you get when u put a KGB agent up again KFC Agent 😂🤣🤣 Trevor ma man

Author — Rageedi Chanel


Usa: *interferes with nearly all of the countries in the world*

Russia: *ima end this whole countrys career*

Usa: *surprised pikachu face*

Author — Carlo Badiola


The amount of hardwork western media put to demonised Russia if the they put 10% in positive way Russia can be a friend

Author — ajay sheoran


It takes courage to ask the questions those reporters did in front of Vladmir.

Author — TheAlchemist


I would just like to point out that Clinton was threatened with impeachment for lying once about a love affair.


About something that didn't actually affect the country.

And he was threatened with impeachment.

Meanwhile, pathological liar, known traitor, and self-admited wannabe dictator, Donald Trump has not even faced the possibility of impeachment.


Just... Just why?

Author — JageshemashFTW


Imagine Obama said half of what Trump said. He would have been impeached as soon as he got back from that summit. Amerikkka!😂😂😂

Author — Jeff Léger


Remember when Hillary said he will be Putin’s puppet

Author — Bodymore Dummy


"This is what you get when you put a KGB agent up against a KFC agent."

I almost fell off my chair laughing.

Author — Will of D


Congratulations to president vlady and first lady donna trump.

Author — ehla 01


So if I get arrested for being suspected of committing a crime... Can I get my own friends who are private investigators to investigate my case for me instead of the police?... Since like anything goes... We should all offer to investigate ourselves it will help out law enforcement.

Author — Joey Youn


jfk is thinking "and i was killed for what exactly..." unbelieveble

Author — Genesis **


Guy is a total coward, really like where's mister tough guy that everyone brags about?

Author — Matt Johnson


People/Things Trump has Attacked:

-The press
-American allies
-Political opponents

People/Things Trump has Sided With:

-Openly corrupt supporters
-White supremacists

See anything wrong here? (If not, please look into the nearest mirror and reflect on all the choices you’ve made in life that led to this outcome.)

Author — Heracross X


trump as a subject of humour is no longer effective. Nothing about trump is funny anymore.

Author — blackpassenger


Russia is muchmore trustworthy than United States that everyone have to agree

Author — Siddhant Gangwar


"Our intelligence agencies said It was Bin Laden"
"Our intelligence agencies said Sadam had chemical weapons"
"Our intelligence agencies said Bachar used chemical weapons"
"Our intelligence agencies said Putin did it...

"Our intelligence agencies said it, FBI said it"
No one cares about your intelligence agencies, we need proofs ! Facts !

Author — Genesis Nemesis


America great again?.... it seems somehow very very weak now, isn´t it?

Author — dani silva


Republicans are ok with treason! The tax bill passed!

Author — cattigereyes1


To support Donald Trump at this point is to support TREASON against the United States of America!!!

Author — Don Post