Fight between bus driver, passenger led to deadly crash in China

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Fight between bus driver, passenger led to deadly crash in China 4.5
Video released by authorities in China reveals the altercation between a bus passenger and the driver, which led to the vehicle plunging off a high bridge into the Yangtze River, police said Friday. All 15 people onboard are presumed dead.

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Lemme attack the bus driver while he’s driving on a bridge seems like a great idea

*Everyone Dies*

Author — Senpill


The blood of all those on that bus are on her hands, I hope that woman burns in hell

Author — Robert Adams


Well I guess he taught that woman a lesson. Disrespect the bus driver and you will be sleeping with the fishes, along with everyone else on the bus.

Author — Max Zomboni


0:12 Damn that man on the pavement escaped death

Author — Seybora Armymoo


Confucius say: "A journey off bridge begins with a single slap."

Author — evalha007


Lesson1: don't hit a man. Because after that he will lose his mind for a few sec.

Lesson2: don't cut the branch you sit.

Author — Jay Bro


It looks like it was done on purpose honestly

Author — Divine Darkness


I once had a girlfriend who grabbed at the steering wheel while I was driving at about 100 km/hr and tried to yank it because she didn't like the way I was cornering! I was so lucky to maintain control of the vehicle. Didn't keep her in my life for too long after that. Just unbelievable what a person will do for a completely emotion-based reason. In her case it was fear because she'd never driven with someone who actually knew how to drive along winding roads before. In this video clearly it was anger. Some people are just so emotion-based that in an instant, all reason and logic flies out the window and they seem to think that all that matters is their feelings. Do not go anywhere near these people, very dangerous.

Author — sbarnett37tiger Barnes


Ngl i think when he got hit he turned to the bridge this is my opinion

Author — deathstar death


No objects in front of him, straight road, he was taking the hits and keeping the bus straight, and then out of nowhere he swerves to the left. His left hands starts the maneuver the right hand helps even more to turn the wheel, then he keeps the bus going forward with no attempts to turn away from the car before or after the hit. Keeps both his hands at the correct position to maintain the bus going in the direction it was going (off the bridge), does not look like he hits the brakes at all and his left foot is planted to the floor... How was this not intencional?
And please stop saying this was a woman or this was a man so this or that must be true. It was two people, one beating another, who cares about the gender?! If you're trying to get to the truth forget about that
But I think the facts speak for themselves here...

Author — Pedro Ribeiro


Totally get that a passenger shouldn’t be distracting the driver in anyway shape or form, but why purposely drive the bus off a 50m bridge instead of stopping and laying out the passenger?

Author — Tom Price


In my honest observation I truly believe he did that on purpose! If you look at both of his legs not once did he attempt to use the breaks. She was no where near the steering wheel, also notice there was no real panic, he calmly drove over the bridge! I believe this was suicide.

Author — Elton Dorcas


No emotion from driver while going over bridge he did this on propose

Author — Claudia Irigoyen


I don't know what really happened but it did look like he did it on purpose.

Author — jessica cigarroa


1. A guardrail on a bridge should be engineered to contain any crashed vehicle on the bridge.
2. not least of all because that vehicle could easily hit the suspension cable.

Author — John Smith


"No reason to hit a woman! Really? I can give you like 17 reasons off the top of my head." - Bill Burr

Author — Big Ding


He clearly did this intentionally. The bus driver kept steering to the left and didn't even try to brake nor steer to the right

Author — latuya a


Industries should start protecting their employees from inadequate customers.

Author — annetta1111


These buses should have cages around their
seats....😱the woman hit at buses have closed in locked doors around the driver...maybe city buses need them too. Smh

Author — little wn


She didn’t only loss her stop point, but her life as well! That was a voluntary act tho mr bus driver🙏🏽#RiP

Author — briel star