'What a little man,' Anderson Cooper reacts to Trump's conspiracy

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'What a little man,' Anderson Cooper reacts to Trump's conspiracy 4.5

CNN's Anderson Cooper excoriates President Donald Trump and calls him a "little man" for spreading falsehoods about a deceased woman.
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Anderson’s last line says it all: “We are in trouble.”

Forget your political leanings for a minute & just think: The family of a dead person is BEGGING Twitter to take down a hurtful, UNTRUE tweet about their loved one, and not only does Twitter not remove the tweet (they certainly would if it were you or me who posted it), but the POTUS doesn’t have the basic human decency to say “Out of respect for the family, since they are bothered by it, I will take it down”.

This is the person who said they could shoot someone in the middle of 5th Avenue & would still be loved. This is the person who said people from Mexico are criminals, Black people have nothing to lose (while we watch a man being slowly asphyxiated on national TV by the police), and attacks women all the time for their looks, all while being a disgusting fat piece of shit himself.

If you think this man wouldn’t kill every last one of us, no matter what your political alignment, if it meant he could “win”, you haven’t been paying attention, and your own personal greed, stupidity, sexism, and/or racism is what’s driving you. Just admit it to yourself. Your idea of “MAGA” is that you get to feel superior to others, based solely on gender, race, or some other uncontrollable factor. Or you hide behind use of force (see: chasing down a Black person on mere suspicion of stealing, then shooting him because he wouldn’t let good ol’ boys make a “citizen’s arrest” without a fight - how many of YOU would let a couple of strangers “arrest” you with no authority just because you look suspicious to them?). But you just keep on supporting this sociopath until it’s YOUR loved one that dies, and then have him mock or dismiss their death. He does not care about you or your life. He doesn’t even care enough about those around him to wear a mask for THEIR benefit. You think he gives a damn about you? He told elderly people to stay alive just long enough to vote for him. There’s your leader: a narcissistic sociopath with the emotional development of a spoiled five year old brat.

Author — tvdavis


forget about the republicans or democrats. Humanity is the first priority

Author — M. Ridho Akbar G.D.


Stop calling him „the leader of the free world“, he’s only the POTUS, the US is a pathetic circus!

Author — Fred R


For everyone who passed away due to the Corona Virus, our brothers and sisters, may you all Rest In Peace and in grace.

Author — Mary


It’s pathetic that anyone has to remind Americans that wearing a mask or not wearing a mask doesn’t represent their political party...

Author — Jacquelyn Hammerton


Trump in nutshell:
“billionaire” who hides his tax returns.
“genius” who hides his college grades.
“businessman” who bankrupted 3 casinos and lost over $1B in 10 years.
“playboy” who pays for sex.
“Christian” who doesn’t go to church.
“philanthropist” who defrauds charity.
“patriot” who dodged the draft. And attacks dead Veterans and their widows.
“innocent man” who refuses to testify.
“chosen one” by Russia .
Trump Translation📕
“Deep State” = System of checks and balances
"Many People have told me" = Voices in my head and fictional people have complimented me
"A lot of people don't know" = I just learned something most people already knew
"Believe me" = I just lied
"In Fact" = I'm about to lie
"He's a great guy" = I will deny ever knowing this person after they begin to tell the truth about me
"MAGA" = Make American Graves Accumulate
"Nobody knew" = Everyone knew except me
"Huge" = moderate to below average in size
"Loser" = someone who makes me feel inferior due to their talent or accomplishments
"Policy Briefing" = Turning on Fox News
"Liar" = Someone telling the truth about me
"Friends" = Future enemies in the blink of an eye
"Fake News" = Real news
“Terrible Question” = The factual answer to that question exposes me.

Author — Mo A


The republican party destroyed their own country. All to make themselves rich.

Author — Justice


Honestly man it gets to a point where it’s just depressing, reading about Scarborough is actually so painful, imagine if that was your family member that he’s exploiting for political reasons. ): rough times dude

Author — Zane Mousa


Donald needs to go to the land of Oz and ask the wizard for, a heart a home and a brain! Some people without a brain do an awful lot of talking! ( Scarecrow ) 🤣

Author — Angie Mitrisin-Marshall


Rudeness is a small man's imitation of power.

Author — Francie Taylor


I am not an American but most of the rest of the world feel sorry for you .

Author — Lawrie & Phillipa Sequeira


How can we blame China when we don’t listen to the experts and scientists? This little man does not have the ability to introspect.

Author — Jax Chou


He has never been a man. He is a privileged spoiled brat

Author — Lots Hario


Mr Cooper, you are very brave to go on television and be honest like that. This is a very sick, dangerous and powerful man with a lot of like minded followers. I would not put anything past him. Protect you family first. I thank you for standing up and speaking out. Be safe, be well. "Little Man" is a good description

Author — Joe Mehere


He’s mentally ill. No empathy or compassion for anyone. 25th Amendment needs to happen now!!!!

Author — Dee S


“What a little man” ... words from a decent man who is a true professional, has good manners, class and intelligence.

Author — Mitzi


Anderson Cooper, "what a brave man" with integrity!

Author — S Seraphim


Wearing a mask when you cannot Social Distance is like checking the safety on a firearm; Even if you know it is not loaded, you do it and be a good example to others.

Author — Matthew Sermons


I never would have thought that such a little, little man would ever be the leader of this country.

Author — okow tina


Why didn't we wear a mask in February, March and beginning of April when it really mattered

Author — John Mooney