Bruce Springsteen- The Easybeats' 'Friday On My Mind' - (Sydney, 02/19/14)

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Highlights from Down Under! "Friday on My Mind" is a 1966 song by Australian rock group The Easybeats.

Steve's lifelong dream comes true! the band pulls off 'Friday On My Mind' (working on it since high school) from our show in Sydney, Australia on February 19, 2014.

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Love it!! and original song of course !!!

Author — @marmor8435


I like this version of this Aussie classic, but no matter who does a cover it always reminds us of that unique magic in original Easybeats performances that no one else can replicate.

Author — @artistjoh


Singing this song, Bruce introduces it to many young people who have never heard it before. I can appreciate that. He does OK but sounds strained and angry. The original song sung by the Easybeats was released in 1967 (?). The lead singer of the Easybeats, Stevie Wright sang this song with excitement and happiness! I watched another youtube video of Stevie Wright singing " Friday on My Mind " at a club in the U.S (1987). He still rocked it! Be at peace Stevie.💙

Author — @sylviamccullers4355



Author — @michaelhein8140


This is really a high energy song and Springsteen just kills it like no other.

Author — @SouthBaySteelers


Bruce is paying tribute to rock icons of the country hosting. A polite and respectful guest.
He gets the Australian ethos and rock character.
Thanks Boss

Author — @jstone247


when superstars like Springsteen do a cover of this you know its classic masterpiece

Author — @scotexscarrier8461


The E Streeters and Bruce are a human jukebox. Their collective love of classic pop, rock and soul runs so deep that they can play anything upon request. Combine all that with Bruce's outstanding original material, and these guys are a true American musical treasure. Never has been a better rock and roll band in concert and probably never will be.

Author — @robertbykowski1398


One of the best Rock songs ever written!

Author — @rogerbranton1752


Well if this turns the rest of the world onto this classic Oz Rock song I say, okay, the jobs done. George Young and Harry Vanda wrote this masterpiece - thanks so much guys!

Author — @Borella309


Great OPENING/entrance by Bruce - i.e. the birth of "Friday On My Mind, " the
great country of Australia. Bruce always has fun with stuff.

Author — @josephkelley8641


The Boss takes a song and makes his own version. He does'nt take the the song to a new technical level but he makes the song "his own" filled with a blend of redemption and passion. He really moves me with this version and I feel very stimulated. It kind of made the song new to me and I thank you Bruce. This is PASSION and PERFORMANCE

Author — @peterbjerregaard8424


Teenage anthem one of the best songs ever The Easybeats can only be compared to the Beatles Thanks for paying tribute Bruce love you

Author — @ritahall6628


What a fantastic performer. Passionate not like the young groups of today.

Author — @davejones4740


This song is in any generation...and this is a great performance of the song.

Author — @metafis2490


He sounds like he means it Man, total conviction in this performance! I guess that's why they call him "The Boss". If every firm had a boss like Bruce the staff would get to work early!

Author — @giulioluzzardi7632


a great tribute to the unmatchable Australian classic

Author — @mattjohn66


A legend performs a rock classic by a legendary Aussie rock band, how great!

Author — @jdr5159


Fantastic cover.   Great tribute to The Easybeats.  <3 x
Thanks for posting this awesome song.  xx

Author — @wendymcgrath7561


Classic rock covered by bruce. For those who don't like it Bruce Springsteen wouldn't be who he was without classic rock he followed as a kid. This is arguably one of the most popular songs of that Era in the 60s.

Author — @mrbob424