Sartori Bikes EASY High Torque | KIT di conversione bici elettrica | Electric bike conversion KIT

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Sartori Bikes EASY High Torque | KIT di conversione bici elettrica | Electric bike conversion KIT 4.5

Trasforma facilmente la tua bicicletta tradizionale in una moderna bicicletta a pedalata assistita a motore centrale Sartori Bikes EASY
Il sensore di coppia integrato permette anche le partenze in salita senza nessuno sforzo.
Grazie alla elevata coppia motore (80Nm) è adatto agli utilizzi più svariati, dall’off-road più impegnativo dove è in grado di affrontare pendenze anche del 20%, ai tranquilli percorsi urbani.

Easily you convert your traditional bicycle in a modern mid drive electric assisted bicycle thanks to Sartori Bikes EASY.
The integrated torque sensor also allows hill starts without any effort.
Thanks to the high torque (80 Nm) is suitable for many different uses, from most challenging off-road where you can manage slopes up to 20%, to the peaceful urban routes.

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Is it brush-less ?. it's too expensive, .... bafang/8fun are cheaper.

Author — Frank Blackcrow


Ô coisa, nao vi o motor funcionando ???

Author — jai 1000


Why does this cost more than a bbs02? and it's only 250 watts

Author — pearl jamz


дорого конструкція простіша ніж у шоруповерті таке враження що все з золота

Author — HUK video


700€ senza la batteria però +600€ per la batteria da 500w.

Author — Gianmaria Secchi


i want this how can i buy iam from india

Author — santosh kumar


price (amount )to batao please please

Author — Neetu Mishra


Great work I hope you sell lots of motors, what is the max watts of the motor please.

Author — 250 watts


Expencive kit, there is cheaper kit on the EBAY and it's bafang.

Author — levegö 999


nice system but I am not going to buy it because I can buy complete bicycles for the same price. I would buy it if it would allow me to go 35-40 km/h.

Author — Baobab Bonsai


can lfit it to any kind of bicicle, even that damn old one l have at home?

Author — Brazil online


Gostei muito desta idéia. Se a fábrica me enviar um modelo eu posso divulgar aqui no Brasil

Author — Rudimar Amaral


600 y pico de euros solo el motor con el kit y si te quieres comprar la batería de 600 otros 600 y pico de euros en total te sale más a cuenta comprarte una bici eléctrica nueva

Author — Juancarlos Hernandez


más información sobre bicicletas eléctricas puesto que estoy muy interesado y no sé cómo contactar

Author — Juan Bermudo


it's great, but installation not shown properly. also where from to get this kit not mentioned.

Author — prakash wankhade


Where I can get this kit in India & at which prize

Author — 1000 of WISHES