The Lost Ancient Humans of Antarctica

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The Lost Ancient Humans of Antarctica 4.5

The earth has gone through countless changes in its history. Antarctica at one time was not covered with ice, and could have been home to ancient humans. As we develop new methods for uncovering the ice, we are beginning to see the possibilities that lay below. Mainstream ideology puts forward the "Out of Africa" theory, which tracks humans originating in Africa and spreading out by land across the world. However, genetic research is finding evidence that makes our story far more complex. One of these findings is the discovery of the Denisovan people of Siberia, which reveals an entirely new, intelligent human subspecies (first discovered in 2008). It is findings like this, that cause us to have to rewrite human history.

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Some people will dismiss this and call it pseudoscience or a conspiracy theory. Others might believe everything blindly. The idea of this video, and most of the videos on After Skool, is to get you to question things. Aristotle said, "It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it". Believing everything in this video is just as silly as dismissing everything in this video. Both are lazy styles of thinking. Each question you have is like a rabbit hole that leads to new understanding and perspectives. Education does not stop when school gets fact, it just begins! So stay curious and NEVER stop questioning things.

Author — After Skool


"the depression was so vast, that it could be seen from space"

damn why so personal

Author — Marvin Diagne


We can't talk about the rise because then we'd have to talk about the fall. Over and over - and again.

Author — Ashley Haadt


"As we develop new methods for uncovering the ice, we are beginning to see the possibilities that lay below. " LOL

Author — simple guy


For years I've heard that red hair and blue or green eyes accompanying it were Irish traits. So there again, were the Irish people descended from people of the Middle East and other people who were known for blonde hair and another known for dark hair? Just how many different genetic pools did they come from? And crossing by the ocean and landbridges isn't the only way to travel. That map makes it look like it was a common thing like it is today. Who is to say they didn't have technology that rivals ours or even, in some cases, exceeds ours? There are huge stone blocks in monoliths that our most powerful machinery won't lift. We simply don't have the technology. We are not giving these people enough credit. They were every bit as smart as we are. Maybe more.

Author — SRWill64


6:20 did the guys just change his shirt just moments later?

Author — A L


I feel like I learned a lot yet nothing at the same time.

Author — Austin Moon


It’s about time that this information is being addressed because we all know that our history was incorrect.

Author — Marie Grass


From the immense valley obscured by millennia of history to the supposed ancient maritime civilization predating all known cities, I am greatly reminded of H.P. Lovecraft's At The Mountains of Madness. The main lesson to be taken from this lesson is not literal, instead hinting at several key ideas that show our place in the universe. We are not special, nor were the ones who came before us. Homo Sapiens proper likely lived alongside and made direct contact with Homo Erectus as little as 200, 000 years ago. Regarding the quote of being a species with amnesia, it makes sense when you consider the fact that we bash ourselves over the head with anything we're given. Evidence is destroyed, technology lost, and history erased.

Author — VideoGamer CoolKid


since I've seen no scientific reports of the finding of more than a couple of small bits of bone from the denisovans, how do you arrive at giants? akso..sea levels and land masses were different 150k years ago..and more so can see walking to most mystery..junk science

Author — maureen skaar


9:20 - that is a skull of a gorilla my dude.

Author — Guywiththedimples


Obviously it was actually the Southern Water Tribe.

Author — Dominick Ray


While I don’t buy into the whole ancient alien school of thought, I wouldn’t discredit the idea of a far more ancient history of human than we know. An “advanced” civilization on Antarctica before it froze over could be advanced in the way Iron Age man was advanced above Stone Age man. Not antigravity and space faring, but capable of impressive architecture. “Advanced civilization” is used too loosely in my opinion, without really ever explaining, advanced in comparison to what?

Author — Mr88BAA


I'm seeing a lot of "I don't understand the point of this" or "This is just ancient astronaut nonsense" coming from the comments. They don't explain to you the universal truth in the video, guys. They're pointing at discrepancies in our "history" made by ACTUAL hard geographical evidence; basically saying "We know our history isn't correct. Here's the evidence. Here's my theory."
The idea that some people disregard anything that remotely seems like it came from the History Channel but will happily accept the theory that we "Faked the moon landing" or "911 was an inside job" just goes to show that you'll believe anything you're told if it's not controversial to believe so. I don't want to call you guy sheep, because it's over-used. But you're just believing what you're told without being shown proof at all.
Also, the term "Advanced civilization" is typically used to refer to a civilization that has past the stage of just using tools but also have a government. The vikings would have been considered "Advanced" despite them not being advanced to us now.

Author — Born Stellar1337


Wilcock is poison for anyone looking to acquire any level of credibility.

Author — Harry Greb


There’s so much more to our history than we are being told. I hope during my lifetime the truth will be told.

Author — Eva Aiken


We know the ancestry of everyone. Adam and Eve

Author — David J Hainer


The government let people learn a little at a time?yet when they find things that Benefit them they keep it quiet.

Author — Luis Perez


by the time the ice has melted - we'll get another meteor strike that'll wipe everything out.

Author — Martin Edwards


Future discoveries made throughout world will never tell us the complete story. There will always be more intrigue. I think in some strange and mysterious way it was meant to be this way. All of our questions will never be answered.

Author — jack flash