Hamilton & Vettel Come To Blows | 2017 Azerbaijan Grand Prix

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Hamilton & Vettel Come To Blows | 2017 Azerbaijan Grand Prix 4.5
Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel exchange bumps on-track and words off it as the title race gets heated during a chaotic race in Baku.

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World War 3 about to begin here in the comment section...

Author — Pelzeri


Not a fan of Hamilton, but driving into him, then shaking fits at him and bumping into him again?

Vettel driving and behaving like, what is called, an "alte Vettel" in German. An old hag.

Author — El Bearsidente


I actually think I've seen more posts upset about this phantom brake check than I've seen of people angry about someone hitting another driver under safety car on purpose...
Its pretty insane...

Author — H K


Oh please vettel stop lyingFIA were lenient on youShould have been a black flagThis is not the first time we have seen the whiner at work. Disgraceful!

Author — Lloyd


He accused Hamilton of 'break testing' him but the telemetry the stewards looked at said he never did such thing. The leader dictates the pace under the sc. Vettel should have been black flagged.

Author — Gary Garratt


Stewards showed the data from Hamilton’s car, he did not touch the brakes at all. 100% Vettells fault for not paying attention and crashing into the back of him..10 second stop and go penalty.

The penalty for intentionally driving alongside someone to ram them? He needs a ban. That behaviour has no part in any motorsport.

I’ve seen boy racers behave better than that.

Author — Barry Buddon


Its official that Hamilton did not apply brakes at all - So I can't understand why Vettel wasn't black flagged for deliberately driving into Hamilton.

That's what happens in any other class of racing.

So kids who are carting now know that if they don't like the way someone is driving, they can run into them without being black flagged???

Author — Gary Jackson


I lost it at "Wa i think you know ... Formula 1 is for ... grown ups" xDDD He REALLY said that x)

Author — Sentey Hitashi


Shame on Vettel. He should be remanded accordingly. Shameful act of selfishness here. He should receive further punishment for his actions and poor attitude.

Author — Jim Doherty


Idc about what happend, this was the best race of the turbo era.

Author — luckyluc12


The only thing Hamilton did wrong was not to confront Vettel after the Red flag. Vettel isn't even man enough to accept what he did was wrong.. Its pathetic.

Author — Robert


The car at the front controls the pace, Seb was just following too close as he got mugged off on the first restart. (Not a Hamilton Fan)

Author — FairplayFairman


seb needs to take responsibility for his own behaviour no matter what came before, he took the decision to drive into Lewis after the incident and that's the question he needs to answer when asked about

Author — Conor Hughes


Lewis Hamilton has definitely been the best modern driver, especially for having to cope with people who think he's different.

Author — Phil Kanu Oji


Maldonado claimed responsibility for Vettel's actions.

Author — babatunde ogunde


lol. Vettel is so cornered, he have no clue how to come up with a reasonable and sensible answer. He behaved like dork.

Author — Christy Krohne


"Formula 1 is for grown ups" well you should behave like one then, Vettel.

Author — Raian Levy


Should have been in instant black flag... That was deliberate.

Author — sqi8000


Vettel was trapped into Hamilton game...

Author — SV DarkGrey


This is all on Vettel. Hamilton did not touch the brakes. The FIA, Ferrari and Mercedes have all had the chance to see the data and there were not brakes applied.

Author — JKS Ala