Crayons Nursery Rhymes | Crayon Color Song For Kid Songs | Nursery Rhymes

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  • ℹ️ Published 7 years ago

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Children listening to the Crayons kid Songs will teach you'll what use colors can be put to. Like blue can create sky. Red gives rose its definition. Likewise, yellow fits perfectly into the circle of the sun. But, isn't playing with colors that way just too every day? Nah, let's not do that. Let's turn our playtime into a creative session. Like we said, you toddlers will learn about colors from the nursery rhyme. Then, we want you babies to show us your true creative colors! Let's become color scientists! Try and mix two colors and see where we can apply the result? Say, how would you kids achieve the color of the shirt you're wearing in a lighter or darker shade? There's lots of coloring to do outside of the drawing books, you see! But first, let's hear the Crayon coloring song for babies and get our basics right. Lets learn colors for babies