Best CES 2020 Smart Home Tech: 25 Awesome Gadgets

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Best CES 2020 Smart Home Tech: 25 Awesome Gadgets 5

Wow...CES 2020 was incredible! I searched high and low for the very coolest stuff at CES and it’s all here in one video.

I’ll show you the best smart home tech, plus other gadgets I found. Some of these brands are huge like Samsung, while others are brand new. Buckle down, we’re moving fast today!

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See the list of everything I use in my smart home and other favorites:

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Writer/Editor/Director: Reed Kleinman
Producer: Aly Kleinman

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So what do you think? What is your favorite from CES 2020? I’m leaning towards the Smart Potato… 🥔

Author — Smart Home Solver


I love how this guy censors him saying "alexa" that is so thoughtful it pisses me off so much when people don't do that in videos.

Author — Ernesto D.


“Go ahead and install it in your house and comment if you’re still alive in the future” 😂😂

Author — Tristan Dawson


8:59 Bravo sir... brilliant move that should be as standard as 'spoiler alert'

Author — Matt Davenport


"Hey bro come over."

"Can't i'm charging my mf potato"

Author — Renni


Omg I appreciate you so much for not saying Alexa.

That alone deserved a like. <3 :)

Author — Chris Milo


7:41 not another "water from thin air" machine is it? It's going to revolutionise the arid deserts of the world right? Otherwise known as an overpriced dehumidifier! See Thunderf00t's channel for many other similar products that have failed because they are hugely energy intensive and only produce a tiny amount of water per hour! Other than that really enjoyed your video, lots of other exciting products to look forward to

Author — Sean Wright


"the wall got ten feet higher" ...but did mexico pay for it?

Author — greed fox


I'm commenting from the year 2026. GuRu is everywhere. Humans have mutated into animal hybrids. Cats girls are everywhere.

This is the best reality.

Author — Kyle Li


Everything there is definitely gonna give you cancer...

Author — Stanley Dufresne


3:04 ok got it- Marques Brownlee!
This review is great and at the perfect pace and timely, cool verbal descriptions- THANK YOU!

Author — billion8


4 days since this video came out and i'm still alive. I don't have a Guru or anything but you said to let you know.

Author — testostetron


"Hi, I'm Erica!"
"Are you by chance a pleasure model?"

Author — Justin


I'd love to know more about the camect.

Author — David Polanco


Woah so many cool things!! I need that Christmas tree!

Author — Courtney Pelissie


"Trump would be jealous on how huge this wall is" lmao, that was good

Author — Shawn Laubscher


I wonder if those smartlock can survive LockPickingLawyer

Author — sebastian primus


Great video as always. I’ve really enjoy my Eufy, for the features it has. Otherwise, it still is missing ifttt and the ability to save videos to their base station. Excited to see your take.

Author — NateB


I cringe at the thought of more cameras or mics oops, I mean speakers in my home. I like old school. I want to be able to open all my blinds and windows on program though!! No cameras or speakers!!

Author — Jay D


I like the first one! Thank you for sharing these amazing items

Author — Chen Sophia