BREAKING! Putin Arrives In Saudi Arabia As Middle East Kingmaker And Signs Multi-Billion Deal!

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BREAKING! Putin Arrives In Saudi Arabia As Middle East Kingmaker And Signs Multi-Billion Deal! 5
Riyadh has hosted talks between the President of Russia and King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud of Saudi Arabia.
More than 20 deals have been signed on Monday between Moscow and Riyadh during President Vladimir Putin’s state visit to Saudi Arabia.
Agreements include the charter for long-term cooperation between the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) and non-cartel oil producers. Along with the charter, the two countries have signed a protocol on energy cooperation.
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💬 Comments on the video

Nice to see Russia making friends while America continues to make enemies😄

Author — Larry David


We want peace in the Middle East and everywhere in the world. No war

Author — Betterworld ok


This will be history, let peace prevail on earth

Author — kin z


...Putin is showing the world that real and effective diplomacy is possible, even under the most challenging circumstances.; truly inspiring.❤🇷🇺

Author — Augustina


russians are more sensiable then the whole west

Author — Taymoor Rehman Khan


President Putin is the greatest leader, I wish only the best in life for him. I love seeing this

Author — Weldon Arnold


Allies with Russia is 100 time better than UAss...

Author — You Mom is Green


It's like USA loosing more friends, n Russia gaining more friends



Congratulations to Russia and Saudi Arabia .I am very glad .

Author — Tin Thanh Nguyen


When will the Arabs learn to never trust USA. Russia will never let you down.Arabs needs to kick out USA from Middle East then peace will reign over. Russia stood with Syria.

Author — V Shan


Congratulations 🍾🎈 Putin Russia 🇷🇺 & Saudi Arabia 🇸🇦 love ❤️ peace ✌️ ✊🏿👍🏿

Author — Menilek Kenfe


Président Putin is doing great job Visiting Saudi. Will bring Peace. Wish him a successful visit ❤

Author — Louisa Sedin Sedin


Putin for the world 🌍 president 👍👌✊✊✊🇷🇺✊🇷🇺✊🇷🇺✊🇷🇺✊

Author — TOM K


United states of America mainland must be crying over this.

Author — Michael Kealoha


Love U Putin from Pakistan💚

Author — Abid Khan


And this is all happening while the yanks are throwing mud pies at each other and the UK is still farting around with BREXIT

Author — Mark Taylor


Blessed are the peacemakers, thank you Russia

Author — johanna maynard


Sending a pet as a gift is a powerful political sign. Later when they meet again, the seriousness of their relationship are determined by the pet's condition

Author — Adoring Fan


May give peace and understanding friendship between 🇸🇦 and 🇷🇺 . Greet from 🇮🇩

Author — Ali., AFEQA


After the "great" "impenetrable" American "Iron Dome" of "Patriot" missiles, failed so badly to protect Saudi Arabia's oil pumping and processing facilities, Saudi didn't waste much time to invite Putin, did they? It was surely a most spectacular welcome, with artillery salvos at the airport and some twenty guards of honor on horses preceding and all around Putins car! I have no doubt, that they will soon follow Turkey and will be buying Russian S-400. The very interesting question is, whether USA will also threaten Saudis with "severe economic sanctions" if they will buy the S-400? Obviously, they can NOT bully and threaten Saudis! Why not? The answer is: "Petrodollar" depends on the Saudis!

What a headache for Trump, and particularly Netanyahu, is this Putin's visit to Saudi Arabia.
Why? Because they can now forget involving and using Saudi Arabia in their plans to attack Iran! Instead, Saudis will probably sign a friendship and cooperation treaty with Iran. Unlikely? I think, that it is quite likely.

Author — jerzy chroscicki