Elegant API Versioning in ASP.NET Core (Web API)

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Hello everybody I'm Nick and in this video I will show you how you can use Microsoft's versioning package to add versioning for your ASP.NET Core APIs. I will cover almost every feature of the package so by the end of the video you should be able to create a versioning strategy exactly as you like it.

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Great video. I wish I had a project where it would be used, sigh :(

Author — Oleg Kosmakov


Your all videos are so informative and well prepared. Finally you look like titanic actor :)

Author — Pirzada Jeelani


Awesome video, subscribed! And saved it to a playlist so I can come back to it in the future when dealing with different versions :)

Author — Computerix


Very clear and compact demonstration of the main mechanisms. Exactly what I was looking for.

Author — Dracula


Great introduction Nick! One side note: Don't forget to decorate your Controller with [ApiController], i was scratching my head for a while trying to figure out why the controller didn't pick up the configuration :)

Author — Kenneth Grande


Great and short video, covering all major usecases

Author — Сэр Шурф


Last night I was thinking of reading some versioning methods over the weekend. Suddenly you entered from the bright room. This is a miracle :)

Author — Hamed Nikzad


Great video and overview.
Would have been great if you put the link to the package in the video description though.

Author — Steve Schmidt


Thank you! I've been wondering how to version my mvc api. Now I know and it is nice that Microsoft has already done it for me. :)

Author — Scott D


Really Awesome Video! Thanks for sharing!
I booked marked this video!

Author — Franche van den Berg


Great Video on the topic have been using this package for quite a while even figured out how to handle the swagger docs but this video gave me new insights into the other versioning methods available to me thanks for the info keep them coming

Author — Alfred Neequaye


Could you please refer me to a video where you use multiple controllers like you showed at the start(v1 and v2 folders)?

Author — Sara Ashley


Nick, you promised a while a go you will share with us the way you adopt to handle core domain return types and error handling. some people use exceptions, others use the Either<T, T> and the likes. When will you fulfill?

Author — Mohammad Hani


do you have some nice distributed lock examples?

Author — Alexander H


Thank you for coming with crystal clear explanation.

Author — Saurabh Chauhan


Great Videos. Keep them Coming. Thanks alot

Author — Edwin Kamau


is it possible to make the url-variant (api/v2/products) optional, just as the querystring and header variant are also optional? Or is it compulsory to use the /v in the url once that is defined in the routing?

Author — Vincent


As usual, an informational video and thanks for sharing it. Any specific settings for Swagger UI to start showing version info?

Author — Bhushan Gawale


Just wondering if you have a complete net core API tutorial series... would be interested in that.
thanks for this, btw.

Author — praful singh


does build in swagger in .net 5 auto-update with it?

Author — Dyako Baram