Wormrot - Hiss LP FULL ALBUM (2022 - Grindcore)

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Killer grind band from Singapore formed in 2007. This is their fourth full length album, including a wide spectrum of influences from punk and metal music. They took it even further, by using a violinist, offering some really dark moments.

Released in July 2022 on LP, CD, cassette and digital format by Earache Records.
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1. The Darkest Burden 0:00
2. Broken Maze 1:46
3. Behind Closed Doors 3:41
4. When Talking Fails, It's Time for Violence 5:09
5. Your Dystopian Hell 6:24
6. Unrecognizable 7:54
7. Hatred Transcending 8:05
8. Doomsayer 9:55
9. Pale Moonlight 10:32
10. Seizures 11:17
11. Voiceless Choir 14:08
12. Grieve 16:44
13. Sea of Disease 18:24
14. Noxious Cloud 20:35
15. Shattered Faith 21:45
16. Desolate Landscapes 22:04
17. Spiral Eyes 24:24
18. Vicious Circle 25:06
19. Weeping Willow 26:12
20. All Will Wither 27:22
21. Glass Shards 28:30

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💬 Comments

These thundercat albums are getting intense

Author — Schrödinger's_Cat


Really liking this album from a production point of view...no over use of compression or saturated distortion that ruin so many so called extreme bands..sounds like dudes in a room grinding it out...also loving the guitar tone...kinda oldschool hardcore/crossover when it relied on playing and amp volume not so much on what distortion pedal u used.

Author — Ian Henderson


Awesome. My neighbours are really lucky that i have such a good taste in music

Author — alexander leuchte


Phenomenal album. Please support the band and buy it if you enjoy it.

Author — Jan S


Amazing. I love bands that experiment a little in the genre, but still stay true to what makes it so good. 'Desolate Landscapes', 'Weeping Willow' and 'Glass Shards' are all incredible

Author — Dissonant_ways


As a man of high culture, I am going to express my review in the most eloquent way possible: "This shit slaps !"

Author — Marius Stanciu


Insanely great album, and I love that this one has so much overt hardcore punk influence. I haven't been this enamored with a grindcore album since I first heard Discordance Axis' "The Inalienable Dreamless" in the mid-2000s.

Author — Steve


Perfect album, maybe the best in their discography.

Author — Ivan Ferenčuk


This is some of the best grind I have heard since Pig Destroyer's Terrifyer came out.

Author — R Hill


I was amazed throughout the entire album, such a cool way to use your influences and build something new and rich, bu then to end the album with a song like that is pure genius, it brought the whole experience soaring through the sky, amazing!

Author — HWave


Never listened to music quite like this before but this album has me HOOKED. Really nice cover too.

Author — a b


Seeing them live in London next year. Won't be the same without Arif, but I wouldn't miss this for the world. Dunno if it'll top Machine Girl's atmosphere but I'm psyched. Top Grindcore band in my book!

Author — Azza


This is like the first time I can recall being so stoked to tell literally all my friends that a grind band is so god damn good. i'm not a massive grindcore stan, this record is album of the year for me. phenomenal.

Author — Nathan Gales


6 years and we’ll worth the wait, Thank you boys you never disappoint. 🔥 🔥🔥🙌🙌

Author — Marty martz


Goddamnit! That last section of Glass Shards with the violin made me tear up because of how fucking awesome that was! I cannot put into words how much I love this guys. I don't know how they do it but they are unable of doing bad. Going to re-listen again a few more times now.

Author — sodmancer


Awesome record, goes beyond the meat and potatoes grind core bands. Experiments with more extreme sounds and does it well. Definitely in my best of the year list. Thanks for sharing.

Author — Gabor Roa


Definitely worth the wait. This is spectacular.

Author — Tbone9344


Clean vocals? On a Wormrot album? That Napalm Death influence is really coming to the head

Author — Justin Widle


These guys deserve all their success!! Big respect on this instant grind-classic!

Author — John Leschak


all the album is so brutal, but the violin solo at the last song its fucking amazing...congrats dudes...best regards from Lima, Peru

Author — jose romero metzger