Search for survivors underway after Dorian slams the Bahamas

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Search for survivors underway after Dorian slams the Bahamas 4.5
The U.S. Coast Guard is in the Bahamas, helping with rescue trips in the hardest hit areas. Families have turned to social media to connect with friends and relatives. "CBS Evening News" anchor Norah O'Donnell reports from Cocoa Beach, Florida, and Nikki Battiste reports from Nassau.

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I hope the millionaires and billionaires in this country and around the world will help these poor people

Author — Tadashi Okazaki


Praying for the people of the Bahamas. God bless you all.

Author — Michelle Marie Perez


This is sad, so what about the poor part of the country, we r only seeing where the rich ppl lives

Author — delsama Anderson


It's tragic when it happens, but when for people who live in hurricane proned areas, it should be suspected. I live in the Midwest and I never understood why it's such a big fuss when a major flood happens. It's like uh hello you see these rivers all around they're eventually going to flood, really bad, oh let's build my house or whatever right next to it and the reactions of oh well I never seen it like this psshh

Author — j soo


We are praying 24/7 for the Fine Bahamian People and Residents of the Islands and Are Totally Devastated By What This Demonic Storm Has Caused...We visit the Bahamas all the time by both Boat and air travel as they are only 120 miles from us and this is beyond comprehension to all of us here on the mainland...May God Help These People and Help Them Heal...!!!! Praise Them and Help Them..!!! And Pray for full recovery and pray for the lost lives..!!

Author — Choff C


shsrks swimming in land, infrastructure destroyed, lives lost.
Global warming must be taken seriously.

Author — Martin Jordan


So sad smh! Prayers go out to all affected!

Author — A Christian Report


These are my kin folks I just want to die

Author — The homeless Runner


All because we let the Amazon Rainforest burn.

Author — pOtAtO MaN


They brought out 5 people. ? Outstanding.

Author — John Campbell


I plea the blood of Jesus cover them in Jesus name

Author — Deejah John


Calling forth all the Guardian Angels to heal, love and protect these people.

Author — Julie Casey


Guess we know where the "Cocaine" being washed up in Florida, are coming from....😁😁😁😁😁😁

Author — Adorable Deplorable


Oh my God! Oh my God!! Oh Lord! The USA is here to help as much as we can! I know Florida is amassing a "help" effort. We are here with you as much as we can be. The Coast Guard and the National Guard are on it! We are trying! But you guys are in a load of hurt!

Author — Fluorcyl


It's very simple, don't be a liberal whom lives on the beach.

Author — BRONSON _


Where are the cruise ships? they should be there helping if we can send a massive ship from the UK. The cruise ships can go and help they've got food and water.! Please cruise ships go and help your fellow men.

Author — Melanie Walker


Is the UK or even Bermuda providing any relief?

Author — Terrence P. Urbanis


And the sea level rise is just beginning...

Author — Will Stewart


Bruh im in Merritt Island and its not that bad its like a tropical storm

Author — Mythic Cnoix


and many islands disappeared read revelation 16:20 it's happening in stages isn't it..!

Author — ODD-one out n about