Rainy Day at the Coffee Shop Ambiance - 8 Hours of Rain, background chatter and Jazz Music

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Rainy Day at the Coffee Shop Ambiance - 8 Hours of Rain, background chatter and Jazz Music Sounds for Sleep, Study or Relaxation

Rest Well,

This channel is for those who enjoy rain and nature sounds. You can now have the comfort of nature or storm sounds wherever you are.

These recordings are beneficial to play in the background while you study, relax, sleep, meditate or whatever meets your needs.

Uploads may be sporadic since the weather is unpredictable. There can be many videos posted one month, and only a few the following. There will always be something new and different. Thank you for listening and sharing.

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I'm on my headphones listening to café ambience sounds... whilst sitting in an actual café.

Edit: Woah, I just came back here a year later and saw this blow up. My degree days are over so I doubt I'll have much of an opportunity to study outside and watch the rain like this anymore. Regardless, I hope everyone out there is staying safe and that you guys get to experience this for yourself someday! <3

Author — Yuura Noctiluca


I remember when I was a barista at a coffee shop. During rainy day people would just chill and more relax. I would just sit behind the counter, sipping coffee while waiting for any orders from the customer while talking about some random stuff with my coworkers. It was a good memory.

Author — Pop


Me: *doing homework*
Woman: *laughs*
Me: *looks around confused and creeped out*

Author — Kythryn Willows


I was a barista at my parents’ coffee shop before leaving for the city to find a job. It would be like this whenever it rained. I loved the faint sound of customers chatting with my cafe jazz playlist on loop. Our little coffee shop was forced to close down due to the pandemic. I would do anything just to sit behind the counter once more. Thanks for this. Brings back memories.

Author — Scarlet Migriño


I really miss writing novels in coffee shops in these terrible plague-times, so I greatly appreciate the gentle rain and jazz music, and the loud, Janice-from-Friends style laughter from that lady in the background because it makes it ultra-realistic. I missed being vaguely annoyed and comforted by the people around me at the same time.

Author — E. Latimer


You know the homework is bad when you have to hit replay

Author — Bitfrost


Me: *trying to relax*
That woman in the background: *HUehUeHuEHUEeHueHuEHuE*

Author — TheFauCheuse


Dad: “What the hell are you listening to?”

Me: “I don’t know, nor do I care. NOW GET ME COFFEE AND A TRENCH COAT”

Author — Ethan Davies


Never ever delete this omy god this seriously resonates with me in a way I cant explain??

Author — no


When you can't go to the coffees shop anymore because of coronavirus

Author — Kamila


This is what I want my life to sound like in 10 years

Author — Megelizsch


*walks inside the cafe, takes off the coat while wearing a black oversized turtleneck.*
*takes out the poetry notebook and pen and orders a sweet cappucino.*

"Ah, what should I write today?"

this is how i imagine myself in this cafe. love this.

Author — dreamycorpse


oh how i miss the good old days of people together, meeting, enjoying life, writing and just doing our thing. never did i think that little moments like going to the coffee shop and having a nice cup of coffee would go away so abruptly and change completely. you can still go but the atmosphere is different. the vibes aren’t there. you can feel the pain from everybody in the same way. Everyone just begging and waiting for all of this to be over so we can get back to our lives again.

Author — The Overland Adventures of Zach Novosad


This is more relaxing and peaceful than a lot of actual cafes I've been in.

Author — Kerensa Birch


"Ya know, darling..."

*takes long drag of cigarette*

"This city don't play too nice"

*puffs out smoke*

"Sometimes, I fee like me and this city, we understand each other. Yeah?"

Author — Nathan McCammon


POV for Studying: You're a college student who has decided to cram in a study session, you're sitting a small round table at a local cafe. Your papers and notebook are skewed all over your table, your coffee sits to your side halfway drunken. You gaze into your laptop listening to your playlist while reviewing your notes. You don't know how long you've been there, just that somehow studying in this atomsphere works for you.

POV for Relaxing: It's another slow day as your shift as a barista begins. The cafe was fairly small, and had a small customer count. Lunch hour arrives as the smooth jazz plays and you watch the patrons of the restaurant eat and chat. It is a simple job, but calming one that you love.

Author — Janelle Northcut


that lady's laugh snaps me out of daydreaming every time lmao

Author — Caty


Just missing the, "Excuse me, ya, If you're going to sit here all day you have to buy something"

Author — Carolyn McAughren


POV: You’re lying on your bed. You can’t sleep, so you just stare at the black ceiling above you as you listen to the rain fall and trickle down your window, the thunder booming before you. You walk outside to go to a cafe, just right next to your little apartment in New York City. The wind blows your hair as you walk to the little cafe just a few buildings down. When you walk in the cafe, it’s warm, the smell of fresh brewed coffee fills your nose, then your mouth as you breath in. You walk to the counter and ask for hot, black coffee with a tad bit of sugar and a splash of creamer. You go and sit at a table just before the window. The rain runs down the window, the grey clouds. The waitress interrupts your thoughts and greets you with warm words. “I hope your have a fantastic night.” Why so lonesome?” She said “Just thinking.. and I can’t sleep.” “Cafes usually help relax me.” You say. “Yeah?” “Would you like a book or a magazine?” She continues. “A magazine wouldn’t hurt.” You say. “Also, you’re coffee is ready.” She stated. “Okay i’ll be up in a moment.” As you collect your thoughts you walked up to the counter and carefully grabbed the coffee. As you set down the coffee the thunder booms. You get startled but laugh it off. The waitress brings 2 magazines. “Thank you for you kindness.” You say. “Of course!!” She exclaimed. “Have a great night!” She added, smiling. You sip your coffee, it burns your throat as it goes from your mouth to your stomach. The steam covers your face. You glance at the rain pouring and flooding the drains. You flip open your magazine and read, you take another drink. As you set the coffee back down. You flip the page of you’re magazine and you take another glance at the rain. THE END! Yes I wrote this while listening to the video. It helps me think. It also helps me write. It definitely sets the mood.😊

Author — h4i13yy


I'm a paranoid schizophrenic and these have helped me fall asleep better than any coping strategy. The photos that accompany the sounds blend so well together. I *love* the this video out of all. I'm hoping you make more like this one. The music mixed with background noise, it's just really beautiful. It gives me such a vibe that I really can't explain, but it's a good vibe. And it tunes out the scary stuff I normally hear. Thank you

Author — Remiuan Tinea