Kung Fu Monk vs Other Masters | Don't Mess With Kung Fu Masters

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Kung Fu Monk vs Other Masters | Don't Mess With Kung Fu Masters 4.5

Kung Fu Monk vs Other Masters | Don't Mess With Kung Fu Masters

This is a motivational video for those who train kung fu. The video contains different fights happened between a shaolin kung fu monk and other martial artists. Watch and enjoy!

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💬 Comments on the video

MMA fighter : "I challenge you to a fight!"

Kungfu Monk: "Hold my table."

Author — TheNietchze


Connor Mcgregor . . . now he's a fauter. I know, he said so himself.

Author — Shawana Washington


The Monk bites down the table remind me of the Snap-turtle.

Author — Aowei Yin


When the guy standing in front of you, kicks you in the back of the ohh!

Author — kingkiser666


The "monk" that's shown fighting in the ring is Yi Long. He's a professional kickboxer, who studied sanda (Chinese kickboxing) at the Shanghai University of Sport. He has never been trained at the Shaolin monastery, nor trained by or with a Shaolin monk, nor is he a monk of any sort himself. Presenting himself as a Shaolin monk is a gimmick.

Author — Erik Jarandson


The ignorant people that don’t know this guy isn’t an a monk, and that’s just his gimmick really bother me.

Author — Kenneth Latorre


As a Chinese I feel like these monks aren't real monks. Monks aren't supposed to go to shows. The real masters of Kung Fu live in seclusion.

Author — PianoCub


Why is the Chinese Communist Party afraid of the people's one person, one vote?

Author — MD GUO


His training impressed me the most. Thats some real dedication and hard work .

Author — Patricia Carr


Everybody talking about missing leg day but completely ignore head day

Author — Carson Taylor


Normal MMA fighter beats them everyday 😂😂
The truth is out

Author — axa3547


Im chinese.This actually is performance.This guy yilong is an actor.All of these are TV show.

Author — Kaneki Angel


I would not have thought that a monk would participate in such a thing.

Author — Thomas h


Banging their head against the bricks reminds me of when I was still married to my ex!

Author — Albert Clark


me: wanna fight?
lifts a table with his teeth
me : nevermind

Author — Reinhard Ainhirn


Are we going to not notice that the boxer with yellow shorts and red gloves, who also has invisiblity to any hit, IS SAITAMA

Author — Danny 209


his left leg strikes are lethal master

Author — Jesus Rojas


Hope they have a good Orthopedic surgeon for their future needs.. Crushed vertebrae is no fun...

Author — Ray Tibayan


The monks remind me of Bruce Lee that's basically what Bruce was

Author — Ben Chas


that monk who carried that table with his teeth, now that's customer service

Author — chris sterkel