Armored Warfare - Ten Times The Fun

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Armored Warfare - Ten Times The Fun 5

The first six Tier 10 vehicles were released into the wild in patch 0.15. Today we're taking a look at them all and finding out which are the most fun.

System Specs: Core i7 6700-K 4.0Ghz CPU, 16GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX970 GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920x1080 resolution

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the PO1 motto: "turns and runs so fast, you thought it was french!"

Author — Burtsgaminghub


They all look space age, except the american, which looks like it has barrels sawn in half and welded to the sides. US, all function, no form. But damn does it function.

Author — jakekillify


XM1A3: Superpershing
IS-14 Armata
Mobile Nuclear Reactor ATDU

Author — Paul Berger


The PL-01 gives me horrible Command and Conquer flashbacks...
*plays Nod S-Tank cloak sound*

Author — Sarge Rho


"Just bad enough that I can handle it" describes my skill level perfectly.

Author — Seattle Forge


Considering how the PL-01 is meant to be a stealth tank that masks its heat signature, imagine if you could just engage a consumable to massively increase the camo rating x)

Author — Tedrick Leong


24:10 ''That just leaves 1 tier 6 machine to look at''
Welp, wouldn't be a Jingles video if he didn't make a

Author — Allosaurus Fragilis


My woes of driving a wheeled vehicle in AW:
Oh look! A slow MBT!!
Let's circle around it while peppering it with bullets!!
it's crap..."
Ends up kissing the MBT face to face.
Way to ruin my match.
And my tank.

Author — Jay


*sees Challenger II ATDU...*

yeah I think I need to dust my Chieftain off right about now...

Author — Sawyer AWR


152 long barrel... BL10?
Is my ISU-152/OBJECT 704 back?

Author — enCODed3


24:10 "and so, it leaves just one tier 6 machine to look at"...
A genuine Jingles moment

Lol'ed :D

Author — Madis Jõgi


So I take it the polish pl-01 futuristic look is designed for stealth?

Author — LEX Maximaguy87


PL-01 seems like Centauro 120, and that monstrosity is my favorite tank so far. Seems PL-01it is :D

Author — BljesakiOluja


24:07 tier six machine, was it a joke? one that i missed

Author — PJtheBOSS24


"Lots of other words ending in -ibble" - my favourite line from Red Dwarf.

Author — Dr Toerag


Jingles are you going to be testing Elite : Dangerous Horizons Engineers Update? It adds some content to planets and other things, might be worth looking at. The beta is today i believe!

Author — Kolato


Tier 6 vehicles?
Jingles has been at the sauce again.
One more day off from the mines!

Author — joecal97


finally! Jingles has admitted that tanks from us colonists are great and better than the challenger!

Author — Enlightened Dystopian


Challenger 2 ATDU = Armoured Warfare's upgraded AT2

Author — TheSunkenCommander


Jingles sounded like a damn duck at 16:44

Author — Barbatos Lupus Rex