Anderson Peters beats Olympic champion Chopra in men's javelin | World Athletics Champs Oregon 22

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  • ℹ️ Published 2 months ago

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Well done Niraj 🇮🇳🇮🇳..
Peter's throw was effortless 🔥🤯

Author — 𝕴𝓶rαή☯


Damn!! Congratulations to Peters from 🇮🇳. He surpassed Neeraj here as well after the Diamond League 2022.. Now looking forward to Birmingham Commonwealth.. Hope this time Neeraj crosses 90m 🤞with NR and PB

Author — Sudhanshu Tuti


Grenada 🇬🇩 🇬🇩. Congrats Peters on your victory. We Grenadians are very proud of what both you and Kirani are doing on the world stage for our little Island.

Author — brendon toussaint


Anderson Peters is a beast I must say. His every throw were 90m+. Congratulations to him for winning world championship gold.

Author — Shruti


Neeraj is among the top 4 throwers in the world. In the absence of Weber who is out of form, he has been doing great. But Anderson Peters is in the form of his life. His getting the gold is not a surprise. Neeraj will have to throw between 91-92 metre mark in near future...and he is very much capable.

Author — Harsh Shankar Mathur


Magnificent work from Anderson Peters 🤯 Proud Grenadian here💃🏾 Congrats to Neeraj on silver! 🇬🇩🤝🏾🇮🇳

Author — Rea Charles


One of the most consistent displays in a javelin throw final ever from Peters, three throws over 90 metres is incredible. His worst throw was over 85 metres lol

Author — Landau


Grenada a population of 110 thousand people with two world championship medals. The most efficient country on earth 🌎 😍 got to love it.

Author — Rowland


Well done to both of them ❤️ proud of you neeraj 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

Author — surya thawait


Congratulations Peters. Well done Neeraj Chopra! Really proud of you. Onwards and upwards!

Author — Shubham Chatterjee


Neeraj has bright future, its good to see finally an Indian athlete is among big names in the athletic world.
I am sure he will win Gold in common wealth again and would target for 90+ meters from next year.
Kudos to Neeraj ✌️

Author — Siddharth Kaushik


Congrats Grenada! Beautiful island filled with beautiful kind people.

Author — jamaru minotto


Absolutely dominant. Was it 3 throws over 90m?! That series seems unprecedented

Author — Christopher Smith


Winning a world title is one level.
Defending a world title puts an athlete in a different orbit. Felicitations to Peters for successfully defending the title.

Edit: He is only the second man to do so since the all time legend Jan Zelezny

Author — Senthil Veeran


Congratulations Anderson Peters 🇬🇩 🇬🇩🥇
So proud of your hard work⭐️💥🔥
Nuff love from 🇯🇲 abroad ❤️💛💚

Author — Toni M


He carried more momentum from his Run Up speed than Neeraj Chopra. Congratulations both from 🇮🇳.

Author — The Knowledge Universe


Anderson uses his height, physique and physics better. Moreover, he is a legend in the making if he stays fit and focused. Just 24 yrs of age.
Neeraj has to cross 90 m consistently and also has a great future.

Author — stibium king


Neeraj has not touched its peak yet he will do wonders in near future!

Author — Rohit Sharma


Neeraj will break all records next year for sure...
Proud of you Neeraj bhai💯💯👑👑👑

Author — akash singh


Magic happens when you don't give up. The universe always falls in love with a stubborn heart. 💖 Carrying a billion expectations on his shoulder & after a rough start at the World Athletics Championships with three not-so-good throws Neeraj Chopra stepped out on the field and did the bravest thing a 24-year-old can do: he threw his javelin to a massive 88.13m distance on his fourth attempt!

With that, braving an immense high-performance pressure, against all odds, he wins a historic silver at the World Athletics Championships & becomes the first Indian to do so! 🇮🇳

Neeraj Chopra you have truly inspired the generations to come! 🙏🌷

Author — K K