What a Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) Session Looks Like

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Watch what a dialectical therapy (DBT) session looks like between Dr. Judy Ho and MedCircle host Kyle Kittleson.

Our MedCircle series on dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) features a discussion hosted by Dr. Judy Ho and Kyle Kittleson on how the therapy works. Discover how DBT uses concepts like mindfulness, distress tolerance, interpersonal effectiveness, and emotional regulation to turn emotions from harmful to helpful and to improve relationships. In this video, host Kyle Kittleson and Dr. Judy show you what a dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) session looks like so that you can learn DBT skills straight from a leading psychologist.

DBT is used to treat anxiety, depression, and a range of other mental health issues. It is especially powerful as borderline personality disorder treatment.

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💬 Comments

Mad respect for u showing this level of vulnerability to millions of strangers. Love and light ❤️

Author — Earthing Earthling


"It's like being shot with a gun but you're alive and nobody sees you bleeding" wow YES I'm crying bc that was so relatable and validating to hear someone describe that so well <3

Author — Babs


RESPECT to Kyle for putting himself out there like this.
Thank you for helping us through your experiences. Personally, I would have started bawling. You are so STRONG for opening yourself up to this kind of scrutiny in front of the world!!
We appreciate YOU!
On another note, I loved this exchange:
Dr. Judy: "Some people like to smell dry sheets."
Kyle: "No, no that would not enjoy that! I would ask myself: 'Why am I doing this?'"

Author — MIFNP


If someone asked me what they could do for me today I would respond with a blank stare and have no idea.

Author — Heartsmyface Forever


I like the engage your senses strategy. But I *hate* it when therapists say you have to accept the experiences, and say things like "You are still sitting her and you survived them", like Dr Ho did. Yes, I survived but I am deeply scarred by it. The last episode was so traumatic that if it happens at that level again, I will pull the plug rather than go through it again. I feel like a torture survivor. Repeated traumatic experiences have a long-term effect and at some point, I wonder if it is worth it to continue. I don't want to accept being regularly tortured.

Author — Cosmic Foxglove


He's really good at articulating how I feel

Author — --


He looks so exhausted explaining his troubles and I totally understand ❤ we will totally make it through this just because we want to so badly

Author — Angela M


I thought it was just me who went this deep and went off on tangents when speaking to a therapist. I always thought I wasn’t doing therapy ‘right’ this is so refreshing to see

Author — vpeake88


Kyle’s “being shot but no one sees” metaphor was so so powerful. I felt that. Radical acceptance is hard, but so important. I haven’t mastered it yet

Author — Megan Smith


I would love to see what this looks like with someone with BPD. I am concerned my son isn't receiving the quality of therapy he needs.

Author — Lydia Smith Jones


🥺🥺🥺 about halfway through when he said his major depressive episodes felt like he was being shot but had to live through it, made me want to cry

Author — LaElla Dickerson


Kyle, I’m loving these episodes with you engaging in different forms of therapy. Could you please consider doing a series with Dr Cheryl Arutt where you do a trauma therapy session series with her. Would be incredibly helpful to watch. Thank you for your vulnerability. I love learning from you and relate so much to your story.

Author — Billy Hawkins


I really love how they talked about using our five senses to ground ourselves. What a great tool to have in our bags for ourselves and for clients.

Author — WorthIt4Life Mj


He's so charming and I can't believe he's been battling or going through this. </3

Author — Linda Mora


You have just explained what I have not been able too. Hopelessness is hardwired. No matter what it's always hanging out with me. This will help me speak to my doctor. Thank you!

Author — Anita Carleton


I appreciate Kyle articulating his feelings. It takes a lot of courage and I thank him for expressing this. I also wonder if he could be a quiet borderline personality who implodes. Maybe an introvert with a high emotional sensations.

Author — Leira Renrag


The way you describe your depressive episodes, as having to live with bullet holes in you. Oh my gosh, I'm not alone. Thank you for making these videos.

Author — Katie Cairns


Dear Kyle! I am more than impressed! You are such a great person and host in my opinion. I am Gestalt therapist and love how authentic and honest You are. Thank You a lot

Author — Agata Dab


Awww he’s been through so much. God Bless him!! So amazing what he’s doing for people going through intense pain that no one else can relate to!! He’s doing more than enough he’s breaking barriers. We’re not alone.❤️

Author — Krisann Payne


I really appreciate seeing a "well put together" guy being so candid about what the rest of the world doesn't see.

Author — David-Michael Cone