Tropical weather forecast: Sept. 10, 2019

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Tropical weather forecast: Sept. 10, 2019 5

Today is the official peak of hurricane season, and as expected, there are several areas of potential development. One tropical wave nearing Florida will enhance rain chances before moving into the Gulf of Mexico. Two other waves are further out in the Atlantic.

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Thanks Jim. What do you think of the GFS currently showing a hurricane coming out of the tropical disturbance closest to Florida right now? ECMWF shows nothing like that

Author — William W. Campbell-Shepherd IX


The Saharan dust should be stopping all hurricane's. Why isn't it?

Author — Esther's Daughter! Long


Rn Melissa is a Tropical Storm near the USA

Author — Ruin Your vids


I hope we don’t get Humberto. That would be an awefull name to have to remember for years. Horrible name. Who comes up with these names ? Dah. Matter of fact all the names are awful for Hurricane names.

Author — Bridgett Tubbs