Why is satin paint better than matte paint? (European Handypeople)

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If you are one of those who, when asked by the seller, "matte or satin?", immediately answers "matte", this video is of great interest to you.

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We have already made a tutorial on how to apply professional techniques to paint smooth walls. But this is another matter. What kind of paint is more interesting to us when we choose plastic paint to paint our walls? What are the benefits of that slightly shiny finish of satin paints? To begin with, as always, we prepare the wall for painting. All the time you invest in repairing and preparing the wall is what guarantees a good result afterwards. And do not forget the last step, applying a primer. With it, besides saving paint, it is absorbed evenly and the finish is homogeneous. We start to paint and we tell you everything you want to know about matte and satin paints so that, when choosing, you do it well. We have chosen the same red color in matte and in satin so that you can appreciate the differences. Remember, painting a wall is not only giving it color, it is also protecting it. Satin paints are usually brighter due to its resin base that binds its pigments. It is a film that reflects light, so the colors of satin paints are usually more intense. Satin paints do not cover as well as matte paints and the first coat needs more work. In addition, the matte paints cover better the possible irregularities of the wall.
As you can see, in the first coat you can already notice the difference in each finish. The resin of the satin paint makes it to be more durable and more resistant to scratches. That's why the most washable paints are usually satin. When we give the second coat, we also try to retouch with the roller what is necessary so that we do not have any marks.
If you dare to use intense colors like us, it is especially important that you use high quality paints, with high performance, because this way you make sure they will resist scratches and you will be able to wash them without losing color. If you pay attention, the second coat of satin paint is applied very easily. Finally, our recommendations. If you have flaws to hide, use matte paint. If you have carefully prepared the wall and you want to achieve a spectacular smooth wall, do not hesitate, paint it with satin! Regarding the budget, you must value it yourself, but satin paint is more durable than matte. We hope you find this information useful! Tell us in the comments!

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