The Way into Space - From Planet Earth to Infinity | SPACETIME - SCIENCE SHOW

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The Way into Space - From Planet Earth to Infinity | SPACETIME - SCIENCE SHOW 4.5

Even today, a rocket is still the only suitable means of transporting loads and people into orbit and beyond. Only with the help of a rocket can astronauts and supplies reach the International Space Station. Today satellites determine our lives. But it is only with the power of rockets that they can be launched - or probes advance into space to explore asteroids and the planets in our solar system.
Man’s curiosity drives him on and on. He wants to penetrate even deeper into the universe - to the boundaries of our solar system and beyond - but this calls for totally new propulsion systems: new technologies engineers and scientists are already working on.

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In my subconscious I imagined building a house on Mars I hope it's still there when we arrive

Author — entertainment pro


anyone else do a double take when they saw, "space medic?" do you need a md for that?

Author — Luceat Lux


Some guy - I'm not sure reusability is the ultimate solution.
Elon Musk - hold my beer

Author — cdk2309


All this will be reality when we mortals pass into eternity! Then we will begin to realize the full potential of our individual 'free will'. The shackles of this prison we call mortality will be removed when our body ceases functioning and our consciousness (our 'soul') is free to roam the cosmos. Let your mind wander!

Author — John Thomas


"space", "time", "infinity"...
marvel fans triggered😂🤣

Author — Zimvgig Uolivich


Anyone watching this after they already had the first dragon cap doc to the ISS already in 2020??

Author — Erik Iacopelli


Its funny coming back to this and seeing how the reusable boosters are actually very effective after all haha!

Author — Leonardo Verona


This documentary has a high pitch squeal in some parts.

Author — ConsumesLargeEgg


33:44 The nearest star is Alpha Centauri, not The nearest galaxy

Author — Hamza Assada


We will be able to navigate in space when and if we discover the invisible matter that fill space like an ocean, then a reagent to this matter. Like in Earth oceans fishes flow, like Earth atmosphere birds fly, we will use this invisible matter reaction for propulsion.

Author — Leonardo G. Roese


The only way we're going to achieve interstellar space if we build the rocketship in space orbiting earth.

Author — /\/\/\


We need to bend space and time itself. If we are truly going to go anywhere.

Author — steve jessemey


first and foremost no distance exceeds imagination...
it exceeds knowledge...
you talking like theres a measurment for imagination

Author — GAENG


To travel to stars, you need the source of energy. And you need to drag that source with you.
*That's the problem. On the positive side: this is the ONLY problem.

Author — Maciej Bogdan Stepien


"Humankind" .. LOL, that's racist! What about people who identify with objects? You should be saying "Peoplekind" instead

Author — Eduardo Born


6:52 area. What the hell is with the super high-pitched tones? I can feel it still ringing in my head after I pause it.

Author — Whipsters Idle


I just came across your videos! You have a remarkable way of making it seem so simple, so real. Thoroughly enjoyed watching some of them. I've seen a lot of videos on Space and the universe and yours was really better then most professionally produced ones. You remind me of Sagan. Thank you and pls keep em coming!

Author — V12F1Demon


L'infinita' dell universo e' relativa come "l'anima" immortale se bruci vivo si distrugge come quella delle streghe

Author — Rosolino Lo Sciuto


Is it just me or does the guy doing the voiceover at around 27:32 sound like John Goodman? lol

Author — Luke the Wolf


G A L A V E R S I C A L S P A C E M A P S A E R O T E 0

Author — Vega pthalo03YU ioplo.j.i.û