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Team Lakay's Top 5 Knockouts | ONE Full Fights 4.5

The meteoric rise of Team Lakay has seen some of the greatest athletes from the Philippines emerge on the global stage. Relive the top five knockouts from their superstars, including Filipino martial arts pioneer Eduard Foalyang's groundbreaking finish of Shinya Aoki to capture the ONE Lightweight World Title!

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1sr fight.. RESPECT! He could not celebrate and concerned about the opponent.

Author — simplelangperorock


One thing I noticed, team lakay they still care or worried about the K.O competitor. Pusong pinoy....

Author — Jupiter D Great


Cordillera Fighters are the Best!! I'm from Kalinga Cordillera and i'm proud to be Cordilleran👋

Author — Joshua Jaime Timpac


To all Team Lakay Bashers all I can say is “what about that” 😌

Author — Kids El


Are they Filipino? That side of the world really knows how to train with focus and discipline

Author — Doe Zee


I see true sportmanship with team lakay💕 nice one philippines😇

Author — shairamea laruan


I think all filipino's have a powerful talent made from God 👆 Congrats Philippines👏Someday i want to visit in your country 💚

Love from : Divisoria

Author — B u d z


18:39 walanyang cameraman yan hahaha “kiss kiss kiss” 😆🤣

Author — Mark Jade Jaramel


Hi, I'm from Baguio. For the bashers, keyboard warriors who think they are much smarter than the trainer or the fighter please come and teach us some knowledge you know about MMA and we are willing to pay if you are a well trainer. In reality if you are in the ring its not that easy to move because just one wrong move you can be knocked out or submitted and its in the 1st person view you can only see your opponent face or body not the whole, not like the camera view. TY.

Author — Kevin John Binoya


Sarap talaga panuorin, , panourin yong mga ring girl 😍

Author — Jomary Senpai


Natawa ako sa referee sa 2 vid kay venario hahaha😂

Author — MLifeX 19


It’s all about discipline, , I love this guys from baguio Philippine

Author — Alaです。


#5 knockout could easily have been #1
Hit the mat like a plank

Author — Wink Dinkerson


The great fighter team lakay saludo kmi sa inyo

Author — Marlyn Pascua


Si kuya Kevin d takot makipag sabayan ei

Author — Josh Soriano


40:21 igganam jay imana....

Ilokano pride, team lakay.

Author — Emman T.G.


Yung mga round girls pota d ko alam kung lalaki o babae mga yn mag kakamukha pota mukang retoke 😂😂

Author — Prodigal Goddess


Mun moma kayu pylang skayu lumaban gmin😂✌

Author — john paul


First fight ung pakiramdam na hnd mo gusto ung ginawa mo sa kalaban mo pero kaylangan mong gawin.. 😟

Author — I'm not person


Haha nalaing talaga to team lakay bzta igorot

Author — Heinrich Dyne Pugal