Syria: Army repel militant counterattacks in southern countryside of Idlib

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The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) claim to have repelled a militant counterattack in the southern countryside of Idlib on Tuesday.

Tanks, artillery and trucks with mounted machine guns were all used in the defence.

A number of captured weapons and destroyed vehicles were also shown to the camera.

In an interview, one SAA soldier described the situation as "good".

"After the victories the army achieved in Khan Sheikhoun and the southern area of Hama countryside and Idlib, [terrorists] attacked us en masse," he explained.

"The position was defended and we lost nothing."

Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (HTS), an al-Qaeda linked militant group present in the area, were reportedly behind the counterattack.

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The Army Arab Syrian ♥️✌️
The Army Arab Syrian ♥️✌️
The Army Arab Syrian ♥️✌️
The Army Arab Syrian ♥️✌️

Author — Ali Jarallah قاهر الاعداء


Godbless Syrian Army. From Indonesia with love.

Author — Anastasya Febysti


That late 80s early 90s 12 valve Cummins Dodge at 2:32 is sweet!!! long live Syria!!!

Author — Kevin Skeel


Nice to see T--55AMs still in good condition.

Author — PiterburgCowboy


The most of that SAA soldiers in that video are not alive at the moment. love from Istanbul.

Author — cenker sümer


Erdogan is playing a very dirty game n he may get covered

Author — polygamous1 Sozou


Why does western news the head line alway support rebel and isis terrorist but call government regime.

Author — Ben B


I Love the real soldiers whop now are NEW Syrian Army!!!! They are trained by Russia and are much much better then 2012!

Author — Per Andersson


لعنة الله عليكم يا جيش ذيل الكب وعلى كلبكم بوتين

Author — alitaghiti ali


We hope you prevail and return safe to your families.

Author — Igor bardales


Bu.. Bu.. But how is this possible ?! Turkey army stronk !!!

Author — Hoohoosistik


To think the Saudies and Qataries payed millions for those rusty rifles is hilarious. They got

Author — rjcappy Popa


1:31 кто-то, по-русски сказал - " горячий...".

Author — Дмитрий Кутнов


Fools its a NATO and Turkish battle strategy, Turkey will push forward while destroying men equipment and armour then withdraw when Assad forces counter attack in order to bring those forces in range of there advancing leapfrogging forces on the ground again, as the SAA forces move forward Regime forces have to navigate between there destroyed equipment ultimately leaving behind more destroyed equipment and armour when Turkish forces repeat there blitzkrieg advance again. Each repeated Turkish action becomes hugely more stronger and accurate as Turkey leaves behind well concealed targeting spotters to pass data onto artillery and air forces ready to engage.

Author — Support Turkey in NATO


God bless president Dr Bashar Al Assad and the Syrian Arab army god bless president puten and Russia for helping defeating Isis and multiple USA turkey backed terrorist organisations turkey needs to leave Syria and if the Kurds want a homeland take it from Turkey be a nice buffer state between Syria and what's left of turkey

Author — Roger More


From PAKISTAN our government is a strong ally of Saudi Arabia it means that Pakistanis should take arms for such a stupid thing shame to those Syrians who fight for money came to them by through Turkey by Qatar Kuwait UAE Saudi Arabia and USA now where are they now begging to these countries and nobody is going to help them

Author — Rana Umair


They are starting a war so NATO is forced to attack Rushia, the plan all along to start WW3 - Turkey is a double agent for the Deep State!

Author — John Hadleigh


My heart is with the brave people of Syria, fighting to free their country from invaders.

Author — Emiliano Laurenzi


Destruccion total lo que estan aciendo Rusia y iran ya nueve anos borvandiando al pueblo sirio
Borbandeos contra la poblacion
Y las ciudades de siria
Ya mas de un millon de personas
Asecinadas, pero esto nadie dise
. Nada Que es injerensismo o intervencion

Author — Chris D