ANTHEM | New Social Hub Revealed! Complete Launch Bay Tour

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  • ℹ️ Published 4 years ago

Anthem has a social space called the 'Launch Bay' - check out a quick tour and find out more about it!
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💬 Comments

Another thing I would love to see them add is instead of Player v Player, have contests to see which team can beat a mission faster or who can kill a certain enemy before the opposing team(s) and earn daily/weekly loot for beating them

Author — Hatr3dGr33n Gaming


Arekkz you keep overloading me with anthem content making me beyond anxious to play it! I don't think the demo tomorrow will be enough.

Author — Kris Davis


So what you're saying is that in the launch bay we can dance if we want to, we can leave your friends behind, cause your friends don't dance and if they don't dance they're no friends of mine?

Author — DissonantSubLT


This game is looking better all the time, can't wait to play tomorrow :)

Author — Zorlac


The more i see the Storm the more i dig it... keep up the good work brother :)

Author — Sock66


I'm sure some people will claim it's small or empty looking, but the fact BioWare built this and got it working and in the game in time for launch, purely because people kept requesting it, is really really cool. The devs really seem to be killing it.

Author — OrbitalWings


Lovin the social hub and I have a question. Can you shoulder swap when aiming?

Author — Rizle 876


Social Hub should have been in the base design...a place to do all your house keeping while also checking out other players and communicating with them is such an important part of multiplayer games. ESPECIALLY when there is going to be no text chat. I'm surprised that it was only added because fans requested it...On the other hand I'm glad they're listening

Pumped for Demo and release

Author — Ben Williams


@Arekkz Can the Storm sprint like the other Javelins or does he just float and walk?

Author — Regenvogel


I'd love them to open up the free play also to 16 or more people. 4 still feels like a small solo game

Author — Obscure Clouds


I'm hoping it's a good game. Thanks for the video. 👍🏼

Author — trayb318


Damn if only this was single player friendly. I want to play this so bad

Author — NuckChorris47


Hey Arekkz love your vids on Anthem, keep up the good work. Question: the developers have come out and said that the beta is drastically different to the real version. Can you make any comment on this? Thanks bro

Author — Thien Nguyen


Reminds me of the little hub like in MHW. Its a nice feature to just hang out with friends and show off your Javelins. Its great to see they are listening to the community cause some like a social hub won't hurt the game so things like that are great to have added from suggestions from the community.

Author — Doctor Yiggles


Like mentioned in the video, this is so much more than just a new and great addition to the game. It's a sign that Bioware is listening and that acctually gives me more hope that maybe, just maybe this game might turn out to be a win for the players and a redemption for Bioware :)

Author — Camilo C


Can you make different sets of armor(with stats and customization)?

Author — Yoka


Do you think it is a good game? and the builds you've seen are they good? I'm really hyped but don't want to be disappointed. I have the demo to play tomorrow but just wanted to know your thoughts.

Author — Khaleel Ishaq


Arekkz, have you heard the news about the demo being much easier than the actual game

Author — Rick Khemai


The colour scheme of the suit reminds me of the space suit from Prey

Author — Jo3


nice, probably going to use this all the time rather than going into fort tarsis

Author — TheKisj