Ed Sheeran - Happier (Lyrics)

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*Where is everybody listening from?* ✨

Author — SyrebralVibes


me and my boyfriend been dating for 2 years, he fell in love with his cousin so he left me LMAO

Author — rina evanescence


"baby you look happier, you do"
"I knew one day you'd fall for someone new"
"But if he breaks your heart like lovers do"
"Just know I'll be waiting here for you"

Author — Gaia Lapupa


i got a friend and she's a girl and she's my bestfriend
we always play online games and im inlove with her since
we've met but until someone came and became her friend
and she looks happier with him so i smiled to hide the pain
but no worries, i already know the pain after all, all the girls
i fell for never became mine

Author — Studium


For anyone who wants to play this on guitar, here's how for beginners :)

Capo 5th Fret

This chord progression with this picking/strum pattern repeats through the entire song -

Em, C, G

Em (Pick E, A, D, and G strings in that order)
C (Hammer on to 2nd Fret D-String with a single ↓ strum, Take middle finger off of 2nd Fret D-String then ↓ ↓ strums, Then one ↓ Strum with a full/regular C chord; TOTAL OF 4 STRUMS ON C CHORD)
G (Start with a single ↓ strum hammering onto 2nd fret A-String, another single ↓ strum, followed by 3 quicker ↓ strums)

Hope this helps out! If you get stuck or need a little extra help, I just uploaded a video lesson for this on my channel :)

Author — The Groovy Guitar Dude


My life story in a few lyrics:

"But if he breaks your heart, just know that I'll be here waiting for you."

"Ain't no one love you like I do."

"My friends told me one day I'd feel it, too."

"I just smile to hide the truth."

"Everything's reminding me of you."

"Ain't no body hurt you like I hurt you."

"Cause baby you look happier, you do."💔

Author — Lucky Emma


One day...a girl walk over to her crush
She confessed everything to her crush
Her crush look at her disgusted
And shout at her that she was just a *NERD*
Her heart was broken at that time
His friends laughed so hard about her crush comment
She looked down hiding her tears
She ignored her tears falling on her glasses
She got
After 5 months, it was august
She suddenly got heart cancer bc of stress
She went into the hospital and hoping to see her crush
Her crush rushed inside with tears in his eyes
She finally smiled...
Her lips dry as desert
Her eyes as wet as a sea
She sang: "cause baby, you look happier..you do"
Her eyes slowly closed...while her crush regretting everything he had done and said

Author — Ryumin Lee


i personally relate to this song... a while ago i came out as bisexual, my parents accepted me. i told my best friend i liked her more than a friend and she told me she liked me to we started dating, then she started hanging out with some new friends and then broke up with me and told me she never liked me and that she was straight. after that i started going to a new school and found some great new friends!, then i met this beautiful girl inside and out i started liking her.i decided not to tell her about my feelings and a while later i found out she started dating someone and that someone was my ex/best friend. i felt betrayed i had held her took care of her let her wear my clothes. and she broke up with me told me she was straight and dating my crush.
this song hits different for sure.

Author — 【 Honeydew 】


i fell in love with my best friend of 11 years, and he did a lyric prank on me a few months back, making me think he was confessing
i told him how i felt and he told me it was all a joke,
needless to say i cried
he broke my heart that day
a few weeks later, our friendship was back to as normal as it could get and he later confessed that he was in love with our other best friend, another girl that we’ve been friends with since elementary.
it’s been the three of us for so long
and the girl confessed that she loves him back
and i’m on the sidelines of it all, watching it and refusing to cry because they’re my best friends and they make each other happy
but i can’t help but be selfish and listen to songs like this, thinking things like “why not me”
he means so much to me, and i’m always torn between being happy for him because he’s with someone that i know will make him happy, and being sad because it’s not me

Author — heartbeat


Everyone is talking about how their gf/bf left or dumped them.... here I am crying over this sosng because my crush got a girlfriend after two years of sweet memories of him and I... *;-;*

Author — Meliza Pelagio


The last line brought a smile in my face :)

Author — Maira


Me and my boryfriend always fight cause of "jealousy"

And one day we fight
that turns into a mess
I broke some glass
He break our tv
He slap me
I slap him too

And in the end i walked out and go too my friend
When i got there i ring the door bell
And my friend hug me cause he saw me crying

And when the morning comes
My bf come to my friends house
But i was not there anymore

I was in the subway
And looking out
Out of the window
While crying
I left him a note

"dear james i know that we fight a lot but i loved you every time we fight for mow i will go to may parents in busan for now
But we can still call or message eachother"

And 3 months past we are now friends 💔

Author — Gacha Sunshine


when you see youre ex boyfriend with their new girlfriend and u think to yourself, why diddnt i fight for you back ?

Author — Daisy Thomas


when your crush likes someone else (';

Author — Queen Kyxra


"Ain't nobody hurt you like i hurt you, but ain't nobody love you like I do." This is the most real thing I've ever heard

Author — tanzeel maknojia


First time seeing the title be like: HAPPIER? IT MUST BE A HYPE AND HAPPY SONG
after listening to it for a 2 year: *still listens to it while crying*

Author — Super YIP


This song reminds me of my best friend.. He got new friends.. He continues to ignore me.. And.. I'm scared to talk to him about it. I miss my friend 💔

Author — MintyKitty Sophie


I can relate.

So there is this guy I like and we never talk and all but I told him I like him. And got rejected. There’s this other girl that always talks with him and had a crush on him. Now they’re dating. At least he’s happy with her...

Edit: Ok, I’m over him

Author — Yeet em Delete em


when i see my crush i smile so much to myself then i remember he probably doesn't know i exist, maybe it's better that way lmao

Author — abilene


I've recently broke up with my boyfriend because of how distant we've become and because nobody else really wanted us together. I myself wanted us together, but it just wasn't meant to be. I told him I wanted him to be happy and have a good life, and now I've been seeing him and his best friend together all the time, and I know they have feelings for each other. They look so happy together, and I'm glad to see he's happy again, but it's really painful to know that the one that I have loved for so long is happy with someone else. I'm relating to this song so much right now ahh..

Author — Nicole