What most people miss about the war in Ukraine

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What most people miss about the war in Ukraine 4
The conflict in Ukraine is more than just Russian aggression. It's deep historical roots are causing a modern-day struggle over what kind of country Ukraine should be. Vox's Amanda Taub explains.

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When it comes to language, it's not simply East-West linguistic division. The first thing is, in most cities all across Ukraine there is more Russian-speakers but there's more Ukrainian-speakers overall: Ukrainian dominates most of the rural area in Ukraine, including the Eastern perts. The second thing is that most Russian-speakers in Ukraine still identify themselves as ethnic Ukrainians: if you take Kyiv, the capital, for example, there's more than 80% Ukrainians, more than 70% of those who claim their mother tongue is Ukrainian but in fact you're much more likely to hear Russian in the streets of the city. And the last thing to take into consideration is that while there is a certain correlation between language and political views, there were also loyal Ukrainian-speaking members of pro-Russian Yanukovych government and actually a half of those who fight for Ukrainian side in the war on Donbas speak Russian. So you can't divide Ukraine into "Russian" and "Ukrainian" parts that easily: aside from natural transitional dialects between the close languages, they both mix and interact on every level. The language itself would never be the case if not for the polititians who preserved and highlighted the division for the sake of their political ambitions which came to extreme in the years of Yanukovych.

Author — Anton Sherstiuk


No mention of the status of Crimea either in modern times or during Soviet times?

Author — Yusuf Nasihi


Since when Soviet Union occupied Greece ?

Author — Thanmad Productions


There's very little news on the conflict

Author — BananaTube


Russian involvement in Ukraine has everything to do with strategic locations, if you think Putin is doing this for the sole benefit of the people you're sadly mistaken.

Author — M.A. M.R.


And it’s been around 6 years since conflict started. It’s really sad(

Author — Anastasiia


Hi, i am from Ukraine, Kyiv. We really has this problem-the eastern Ukrain is pro-Russian, and the western Ukrain wanna to be with European community. But the main problem is opposition with USA(before maidan our country was puppet), resourses (Donbass), and key ports. Language and nationality is only excuse. Hitler annexed Sudetenland as Putin Crimea.

Author — бодя сломчинский


so basically... international law matters only when it fits US interests.

Author — The Big Joe



I guess Russians have panzers now

Author — DominickS8


Yes there are dig diversity in Ukraine, BUT separatism would never start a war without support of Moscow, which they have for years and years long before Yanukovych came to power

Author — Martyn Stusiak


Thank you, someone actually knows what they’re talking about 👍🏻👍🏻

Author — Chr0n1c


i like it when she says "protest which led to the resignation of Yanukovich" instead of a coup.

Author — Scrotty Mcboogerballs


Less than a full sentence on the Holodomor?

Author — Talk Good English


Amount of kremlinbots in this comment section is truly impressive

Author — Nazariy Vysokinskyi


sorry Ukraine for stalin.

-A Georgian

Author — the withering production


So...Russia takes military action and it's a crime against International law. America invades a country and its "spreading democracy".

Cool. Got it.

Author — pacnite


Ukraine began its integration into EU in 2008, just after Russia initiated its trade sanctions against Ukraine in 2007. Russian trade sanctions were violations of numerous trade agreements and CIS itself. In this way Russia made a clear message about the worth of its promises. Again that message was repeated when Russia violated Budapest Memorandum and Belavezha Accords

Author — thealphazoid


Well according to international law, PRC should be an illegal government

Author — Clement Yang


Can I please have use of this video!! It is awesome and hits on the exact points it needs to!

Author — HART - Humanitarian Aid Response Teams


Hey remember the last time big dictatorship wanted its people back from its poor neighbours *ahem* sudetenland *ahem*

Author — Jan Kogej