12ga. Camping Trip Alarms - Unusual shell loads!

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  • ℹ️ Published 5 years ago

We put the Fith Ops perimeter alarms to test. I loaded up some shells with chili powder, glitter, fireworks, etc. just for fun. These are legal, even in the weenie state of California. Why? Because they are just noise makers. They don't have a chamber or a barrel like a firearm. These are made to set up around your campsite to scare off bears or other intruders, but not harm them.

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used as intended, very useful in many situations . good stuff .

Author — Sovereign Sentience


They should have built in the safety pin so that it is spring loaded and resets when you pull out the firing pin. That would keep you from losing the safety pin. Just a thought.

Author — David Bean


That's super cool! I'm happy to see someone tested this out.

Author — Danny D


I have four of these (the 12 Gauge flavor). They work great. I also got a five - pack of OC Pepper gas shells for it. Not sure how those'll work out yet, but the 12 Gauge blanks work great.

Author — Max R. MaMint


It would be interesting to see how a all brass shell would hold up

Author — daniel mellott


Wow. Thanks for performing all the variations with these devices and the Orion flare gun in your other video. I always wondered how these would work - or not work - and the inherent hazards of each setup. VERY instructional!

Author — mikerossscuba


Awesome video - I just bought a new generator & attaching one of these trip alarms to it would be a great way to prevent theft.

Author — Random 549


I would think that any intruder would believe they were being shot at when one of these had gone off as well as believing the shooter was extremely close . Being as loud as they are I think some people might have to worry about heart attacks if they were suprised by one of these going off near them unexpectedly . Thank you all for another great review & wanted to ask if you had seen the caliber adapters for the Mosin Nagant to allow you to fire .32 acp from it & both your thouhts on them .

Author — Percy Barbarossa


You guys are great thanks for the amazing photage and showing us what's safe for making camping safer in sketchy bear and cougar areas and such.

Author — Rich Wysocki


Love it!! Good for camping will help keep everyone safe at night!!!

Author — Exploring Darkness


Quality videos as usual keep up the great work.

Author — Hunter Albright


I once made a version of this using Mouse Traps and Blank Shells when I was 10 years old to protect my "Fort", insane, I never would have thought about making a device and selling them, wish I had now!

Author — Yipp Dogg


Excellent product for security. Only question is why couldn't I have thought of it? Best of luck guys.

Author — Larry Gauthier


I like the ground pepper idea, but I'd replace the Cajun ground pepper with ground Carolina Reaper. I use it to season my food and it's rated at over 2, 200, 000 SHU. That's more portent than some law enforcement pepper spray. I used to grind my own Carolina Reaper peppers, but after clearing the house just from the microscopic residue left in the air from grinding it on several occasions, I now purchase it pre ground. It's very affordable, tastes great, that is if you're a chili head, and it will incapacitate a threat if they inhale it or get it into their eyes. A 1 pound bag of it can be purchased on Amazon for $63.00 and you can purchase 1 oz bags for under $7.00. 1 oz. of powdered Carolina Reaper is equivalent to about 14 Carolina Reaper peppers. I'd say with 1/2 oz of powder loaded into a shotgun shell, if the threat is anywhere near the cloud of powdered Carolina Reaper, they won't care to proceed with their intended mayhem. By the way, when you heat any peppers to the kind of temperatures that would be caused by the gun powder in the shells, it turns the capsaicin to a gas form, thus accentuating the effect even more. I once heated up a couple of drops of ordinary Mad Dog 357 hot sauce in a frying pan as a joke on the family, and it cleared everyone out of the house, and they nearly called 911 thinking there was a gas leak or something. I had to fess up to what I'd done to prevent a false alarm. That 357 hot sauce is no where near as hot as Carolina Reaper so one can only guess...

All this to say, I'd love to see you try using this trip alarm with a shotgun shell filled with Carolina Reaper powder. That would make an interesting video.

Author — Thrifty Survivor


Crazy how these will probably be used in the next 4 years to keep our guns safe

Author — Nick Pratt


The pepper cloud seemed to ignite a fraction after the initial explosion. Great video as always.

Author — Ian Macfarlane


I LOVE how they advertise it using the Sasquatch as well as accepted wildlife. NICE JOB!!

Author — MrDuffy81


It looked like particles actually bounced off the syrofoam backwards as you don't see that in tests without the syrofoam head. Styrofoam punctured the Space Shuttle's wing during liftoff when they didn't think it could do that being so light weight.

Author — Peter Karig


It would be interesting to see what one of those shells would do with simple flour, once dispersed it is quite explosive, but would the actual powder flame still be there to ignite it?

Author — Richard Meiners


have you tried cinnamon powder or confectioners sugar shotgun shells? I know these ingredients have interesting characteristics when thrown through a camp fire.

Author — Chris Woolvin