Yamaha Aventage RX-A3070...2 Years later

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  • ℹ️ Published 3 years ago

It's been 2 years since the release of this receiver and with new products on the horizon, is this receiver worth having in 2019? I'll be the one to answer that for you.

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This is my Favorite Receiver. Runs cool with a lot of power. Only uses 450 watts. Almost ECO. Marantz over 800 which you need a cooling fan. Plus the sounds fields are second to none. The 3D fields work great with Dolby Atmos and DTS X. The Sport sound fields is flawless. You will think you are at the game. Sounds is second to no one. Calibrate your ow system.

Author — John Vore - Home Theater on a Budget


I have had Yamaha flagship from the RXA3000, 3020, 3050, 3060, and the 3070 and now have gone to the Marantz SR 8012 AVR and love it.

Author — Roman Lewandowski


I recently purchased a previously loved RX-A3060 and it's been outstanding. I cam e from a 7 year old Onkyo and the Yamaha sound has been a refreshing and welcome change. Good luck with the sale of your RX-A3070. That's a great price.

Author — John Cain


Sounds like a great buy. I not too long pick up the denon x4500h. My first receiver not sure if I made the right choice since I didn't get the chance to listen other receivers that price point.

Author — Calvin Barnes


Hey mate, love your vids. Keep up the good work.
Just a question, you said you ran a monolith amp with your RXA 3070, I have a RXA 3080 & run a Emotiva basx A300 to run my towers for a 7.2.4 set up but I want to run a bigger amp with with more channels. My question is, how do you run the RXA 3080 to have more channels under amplification in the settings?? There’s only the setting for 2 channels not 5 or 7?

Author — Matthew James


I once owned the legendary Yamaha DSP-A1... I've mostly owned denons over the years because of availability. I currently use the denon avr-x4300h.

Author — Agent246


I agree with you on the Marentz. I heard the 8013 compared to a Yamaha 1080. I cannot afford the Marantz so I am getting the 3070 unless I find one on sale

Author — gralen


Asking this same question in Oct(almost Nov) 2020, refurb online outlets have it marked down to $1100, hardly little difference in current 3080 (which might be replaced in 2021?)

Author — Whit Siever


Great videos KSpace. Could you please lower the music volume a few db? It overpowers your speech and makes it hard to follow you. Thank you

Author — mystickid1


I had Yamaha vx1700 but wasn't that good in sound never but them after mabe they improved something now

Author — Rob Robski


I think the move to Marantz is a good one. You just can’t beat their quality. I’m sure that Yamaha is good as well, but their auto speaker calibration is nowhere near as good as Audessy.

Author — The Frugal Audiophile


When you had your Yamaha repaired, how much did it cost?

Author — Alfred Head


What do you recomend rx-a3080 or marantz 8012 want to pair it with klipsch rp8000f cinema theatre?
Any suggestions?

Author — Patryk Górecki


Hi, do you think my Opticon’s 6 will be a good companion with this Yamaha 3070 ?

Author — Tomasz Michewicz


Should i go with 3080 or marantz sr8015? I dont care about 8k or 4k120. My set up fronts klipsch rp8000 rp504 center, rp600 surrounds and spl150 sub

Author — Gaming In Galaxy


What are your parametric eq settings? I feel like I can't get it quite right for music

Author — Edward Sanchez


Yeah, 165 watts @ 1kHz, but who listens to a 1kHz sine wave? That is a useless stat, just like the 230watts @ 10% distortion and only one ch driven. Who listens to one channel of distortion? It is ridiculous and no company with a great product would ever even mention such utter crap stats. Almost all new speakers (especially high end) dip down to 3-4 ohms in the bass and this unit is current limited and can't even handle 4 ohms loads on all channels. I'm sure it can't even properly handle 4 ohms on the main L R ch, considering all the snake oil in the marketing BS.

Power Consumption is 490 watts. A 7ch B&K receiver (150 watts/ all channels driven) is 1350 watts. Do the math. All mass market receivers are current limited and that will kill dynamic sound. Technology usually improves quality, but not with audio quality. Too much of the budget is spent on gimmicks, royalties and compensations for the lack of a real power supply, amp and pre amp section. Those 3 things should be the starting point, not the sacrifices.

Author — Gord Thor


Yamaha or denon which one is better in sound quality and dynamic range. ..?

Author — Ajai Madhavan