The British are Coming! Is Nuclear War as Well? | The Suez Crisis | Part 4

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The British are Coming! Is Nuclear War as Well? | The Suez Crisis | Part 4 5

As Britain, France, and Israel continue to push home their advantage in the face of overwhelming international pressure, the Soviet Union finally enter the arena. Britain now faces utter disaster. The Soviets are threatening nuclear war and the British economy faces free fall; how much longer can Britain reject a ceasefire?

Hosted by: Indy Neidell
Written by: Francis van Berkel
Director: Astrid Deinhard
Producers: Astrid Deinhard and Spartacus Olsson
Executive Producers: Astrid Deinhard, Indy Neidell, Spartacus Olsson, Bodo Rittenauer
Creative Producer: Joram Appel
Post-Production Director: Wieke Kapteijns
Research by: Francis van Berkel
Image Research by Daniel Weiss & Shaun Harrison
Edited by: Karolina Dołęga
Sound design: Marek Kamiński
Maps by Ryan Weatherby

- Mikołaj Uchman
- Daniel Weiss

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- Imperial War Museums: © MH 23498, MH 23513, HU 4190, HU 4183
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- The Bank of England Archive

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A TimeGhost chronological documentary produced by OnLion Entertainment GmbH.

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We thought we'd share with you a quote that didn't make it into the final script but really sums up the outpouring of protests the British government received upon its military intervention in Suez.

It's a letter in The Times newspaper on November 6, written by none other than Violet Bonham Carter - a leading member of the Liberal Pary, close friend of Winston Churchill, and grandmother of actress Helena Bonham Carter. It reads: "For the first time in our history our country has been reduced to moral impotence. We cannot order Soviet Russia to obey the edict of the United Nations which we ourselves have defied, nor to withdraw her tanks and guns from Hungary while we are bombing and invading Egypt. Today we are standing in the dock with Russia...Never in my lifetime has our name stood so low in the eyes of the world. Never have we stood so ingloriously alone."

Author — TimeGhost History


I absolutely love the series, would like to see if you would make a series on break up of Yugoslavia or the Soviet Union.Cheers :D

Author — MrDeed121


Of course the one thing that can bring England and France together is colonialism.

Author — Civil War Week By Week


"How dare you invade a country that doesn't want you there and try to force your will on it!" - The Soviets literally days after doing that in Hungary.

Author — CreatorUser


Imagine how futuristic it must've felt to be watching helicopters operate from carriers in the 1950s. Just when you'd got over the novelty of seeing jet craft too...

Author — JägerLange


12:00 And once again we see a French leader getting pissed off by a phone call from his English counterpart. I wonder why the French still answer their calls..

Author — Yorick


What a tragic figure eden was, a man in denial, born when Britain ruled supreme and suddenly they can’t even change an Egyptian government.

Author — samuel muñoz


The Soviet letter was a bluff, indeed. But I bet Eden crapped out his pants once he heard about it. 10/10. Excellent Service!!!

Author — Stalin-Soviettiger


My oh my, how I love the Quality of your Work: the clarity, structure, research and presentation in spoken word and imagery. Every time again I'm (still!) surprised by what we almost expect by now and what has almost become 'normal'. Well, it's "normal" in the sense of being a benchmark. You must have a Great Team, for being able to maintain the tension, devotion and the quality standards. And maybe you have a lot of fun working together in that club of yours! Keep it up!

Author — Toq Toq


I do like how the IDF called its operation Kadesh. Kadesh in present day Syria was the sight of an ancient battle between the Egyptian and the Hittite empires. We only know about this battle because of a clay tablet that survived the Bronze Age collapse a few decades later. It seems that the Hittites won the battle, but even that is not completely known. The tabletitself was found among many others in Hattusa. It most likely got baked and this preserved along with the rest of the archive when the city was sacked. But the tablet describes a peace treaty between Egypt and Hattusa, the single oldest peace treaty in known existence.

A replica of that peace treaty tablet is on permanently display at the UN in New York. Now the replica was gifted to the UN by Turkey in 1970, but still, kinda ironic.

Author — DaniëlWW2


USA: Your supply of oil is in danger.
USSR: You're in danger *aims the nukes*

Author — MaxPayne


“The British are coming!”
I wonder where I’ve heard that before

Author — Indiana Jones


Yay finally someone is giving Canada recognition during the Suez crisis

Author — Connor Rauser


Soviet Union has joined the chat.
Britain has left the chat.

Author — Derpa14


I just noticed the telescope on the desk for operation telescope.

Author — Round About


The invasion of East-Timor by Indonesia is not on any youtube channel if I recall. Might be cool to do that.

Author — Baddy187


The more I think about this episode the more I am convinced that Eden must have been under intense emotional pressure. To think that the world would go to a nuclear war over control of a canal and, maybe, a change of government in Egypt is so far-fetched... Or to think that America would watch idly by as the URSS nukes London and Paris to protect Nasser... I'm not saying that the "musketeers" were justified but had they taken the canal, they could open it and protect trade. It would also present a fait accompli to the powers. I can hardly imagine Eisenhower not offering protection to American tankers crossing the Suez or telling them to continue around Africa instead.

Eden, hesitated to order the invasion, causing financial and military woes. Later he backed down and threw his government, his allies and his troops under the bus as if that could save face and trust in the Sterling. At that point, no "spin" could hide the aggression committed by his country. He should have never agreed to the plan in the first place!

I realize that hindsight makes it all easier but it doesn't change that fact that Eden finished a 35 year long brilliant career, looking weak, hesitant and unstable. Thanks for the episode and congratulations on the good work!

Author — Albert Lima Berman


Britain and France... Defeated at Suez

A few decades later

The USA will be defeated in Vietnam
The USSR at Afghanistan

It looks like there aren`t invincible armies in this world!!!

Author — Mundo Gameplay


Sometimes I do wonder what madmen came up with the ideas for these days back when they made them? Another gem that tells a story. 4/5, and I have to also compliment you for the way the bottom matches with the shirt!

Author — Gianni Verschueren


Is Nuclear war coming?



Author — Wie bin ich hier her gekommen ?