Siemens NX 12: Measure Tool

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NX 12 has an all new Measuring tool. It replaces most of the old tools and adds a lot of new capability.

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i still use the legacy "measure distance" command. It works for taking simple measurements. Next time I use NX12, I might keep this in mind as it is interesting. Thanks for sharing this.

Author — Daniel Oneil


What is cool about the new measure tool can just launch the command and hover your mouse on geometry (without even picking it) to see what its measures are in a balloon tooltip. Pretty handy on day-today design tasks.

Author — pallibybeach


How can I change the height of the measurement text? Also I want to make it changeable respect to zoom motion. How can I do it? Thanks for answers.

Author — ahmet atasever


can you make a download for this model for us to recreate your examples?

Author — Bruno Martinez


Can I measured dimensions in assembly ??

Author — akshay ranalkar


Is there a way to change the font size of the measurements? I print the drawings, and the text is really difficult to see.

Author — Mike Miller