Cafe Racer (Honda CB900 Bol D'or by MEISTER MEGERLE)

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(Legendado em Português)
For the first time on this Channel, I present a Honda CB900 Bol D'or Cafe Racer.
And I can assure, the project presented, is really a very good one.
If you are one of those who love Cafe Racers, but also need a 2 seater motorcycle, this video shows the solution.
In fact, it is the best 2 seater solution I have ever seen.
The beautiful honda CB900 Bol D'or presented on this episode, was built by Andy Megerle, Owner of "Meister Megerle", in Germany.
I hope you like it.

My special thanks to Pedro Torres, for his great help with my English.

Photography by Thomas Minde

Link to Camber Brand Instagram

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💬 Comments

Another masterpiece, how its done is beyond my personal talents, you have the best motorecycle video's on the net by far, please never stop what you do.

Author — James Matheson


Don't know how you keep pumping out one after another amazing bike features around the world. With pretty consistent video quality. Anyways keep doing what you do it's amazing. And I really enjoy the content.

Author — chris chien


That's a quality job, thank you for showing us 👍🏻👍🏻

Author — Steve Fox


The beauty is in the details. Definitely a very nice build. The tank and seat line is perfect. The knee dents ‘fit’ the tank very nicely and add that bit of perfection. His dual seat or rear cowl connector is great idea. I really enjoyed this one. Excellent quality. And, as always, thank you for Racer TV, the Café racers only choice! Hope all is well with you and your family. Take care my dear friend! Cheers :)

Author — Willy's Performance Cycle Center


Cuando tienes la visión y el buen gusto y claro la herramienta y dinero uno puede crear cosas tan hermosas como esta maquina que te atrapa visualmente y te cautiva sólo con verla te llena los sentidos en verdad es una belleza saludos desde México.

Author — Pablo Melendez


Great video Racer, as always. Andy has done an excellent job with this bike, so much detail. He is one talented guy with a very cool wife. Take care and ride safe mate. Cheers

Author — RSB Harley


Nice build for sure. I am more familiar with the older version of the CB900 from North America which gave the appearance of being a CB750 on steroids. It had a dual range transmission with a selector lever. As I recall low range was for around town while high range was for the highway. It would make for a real muscle cafe racer.

Author — Lyle MacDonald


As soon as the first shot inside that guy's house Pand and I saw the other bikes against the wall and the step down in the floor, I knew that I had seen something in there somewhere before. Thank you meister mergele for another dope project.

Author — Monkey Dink


I love how he used a push button release for the rear cowl. I'd love to know if that's a relatively easy thing to find and install or if that was 100% custom.

Author — mlmerricks


I perfectly remember that home and that bike. And that gorgeous brick wall and oven. Beautiful work of art, Megerle.
Yes, he is very lucky. Being able to work creating wonders. Congratulations. Another great video.

Author — Reverendus


Love that click on seat super dope 🔥🔥🔥

Author — Lacory Cork


Lovely bikes and great to see them as beautiful exhibits inside a house. I wonder if his wife also rides a motorbike 🤔
Great video as always. Keep up the good work.
Kind regards Paul 🇬🇧

Author — 48 Spokes


Wow the release mechanism for the rear part of the seat was so cool!

Author — Moto Mango


All projects are amazing, a pity that in my country of residence it isn't that easy to change a bike, you have to go through homologation for every change since the bikes here have an annual mandatory official inspection.

Author — Nuno Mesquita


This is the best café racer I've ever seen. ❤️❤️❤️

Author — Gary Estrada


já temos uma das melhores motos do ano...

Author — Eu


Like always, you present a very cool videos, and thank you for that, it just come to mind about all this build’s on cafe racer motorcycles when having that custom stop light, I notice no white light for the license plate and or for that matter no license plate mount also, it kinda looks an unfinished product, because every country requires one, just an observation



Sem palavras! Obrigado por encontrar e compartilhar essa preciosidade azarada! KKKk

Author — Alex Gois


Yes, Tank and the seat are really standing out. I like it very much, thank you.

Author — Level Zero


Is Always a pleasure
To watch
Racer TV ✌

Author — Jorge Gómez G.