Stephen Colbert (The Other One) On Michelle Wolf's WHCD Speech

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Stephen Colbert (The Other One) On Michelle Wolf's WHCD Speech 5

Stephen Colbert recuses himself from commenting on Michelle Wolf's jokes because he's never performed at the White House Correspondents Dinner. But you know who has? Stephen Colbert.

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Perhaps it was a bad idea for a bunch of chickens to invite a Wolf.

Author — KingOfMadCows


I was just offended that she didn't think of the line "Maybe she was born with it; maybe it's make-believe."

Author — Aaron Robinson


She didn't even make fun of Sarah's looks. She said "perfect smoky eye".

Author — Kai_Rivercrest


Colbert said it... What did anyone expect from Michelle Wolf? If anything, compared to her regular act, she was kind of restrained.

Author — 8Steady


"This is the Correspondents' Dinner, celebrating the freedom of speech. You can't just say whatever you want!"

Author — John Chessant


We used to have a President who attended the WHCD & laughed, at the jokes and at himself. Now we have a President who schedules a rally in a different state and viciously attacks the press from his podium. And the press back in Washington DC attacks the WHCD's featured comedienne! The truth is Michelle Wolf was great.

Author — Crystal Pope


"It's vulgar and it begins with a P... President?" Brilliant!

Author — 1961Blanchflower


When a BULLY gets bullied...

Satisfaction guaranteed. ✌

Author — CARMEN LOZADA (Brizyinpink 15)


Michelle DID give a unifying message to “we the people, ” at least 2/3 of the citizenry agree that THIS IS NOT NORMAL. Michelle was spot on.

Author — Lizanne Whitlow


"Maybe you guys should ah, get a sense of humor and try it sometime... but, ah, he simply made a joke."
-Sarah Huckabee Sanders, October 10, 2017 -

Just sayin'.

Author — New Message


5:01 "This is the correspondence dinner celebrating Freedom of Speech!!! You cant just say whatever you want!!"

Author — Miss Amazon


The moment when Stephen Colbert turned on....Stephen Colbert mode... I had to wipe a tear from my eye. It was a brilliant flash of the old days. Man's still got it.

Author — vertonical


Every time Stephen brings his Stephen character back, my heart grows three sizes.

Author — TimeandMonotony


Love Michelle Wolf... UUUGEEE fan now. She hit all the deserved parties with truth and they couldn’t handle it. Liberals and conservatives and press in power are all the same ... they defend each other.

Author — I’m AGay DoneWithItAll


How dare you comment on Sarah's looks - she's not Carly Fiorina you know.

Author — Peter Brough


I have a feeling some of the offended people think/thought Michelle Wolf said "she burns FATS" for her perfect smokey eye, but in fact she said "FACTS"... Anyone else think that?

Author — Ben Dawson


Michelle spoke the blunt truth. The corrupt and disillusioned hate hearing the truth.

Author — Nick Icebound Gaming


I don't know what they were expecting.
This regime has shown open hostility towards any and all critics, so getting someone who used to be on The Daily Show to host the Correspondents Dinner was like bringing in a hungry grizzly bear to guard a pile of fresh meat.

Author — MagnuMagnus


Michelle Wolf spoke nothing but the truth. And I thought Trump's circle weren't the 'snowflakes'?

Author — Yvonne Wabai


Michelle Wolf was on point. I LOVE HER...The true hurts...

Author — millie rodriguez