Sam cures Jorah Mormont - Game of Thrones S07E02

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damn homeboy gets skinned alive to save his life only to die next season

Author — punkhop23


Samwell skins a guy alive:Called hero
Ramsay skins multiple guys alive:everyone hates him

Author — Barna Antonio


Man, Jorah really got the short end of the stick throughout the whole series. Got sentenced to death by his family and had to run away. Got friendzoned by Dany. Got grayscale. Got skinned alive so he could be cured of grayscale. Then he dies.

Author — Yellowjacket


Watching him cut the disease off was like taking the dried glue off a bottle of elmers glue. Oddly satisfying.

Author — Alex Torres


Man. Ramsay Bolton could have been a force for good and become the greatest surgeon of Westeros...

Author — Ravenpy


How to cure greyscale.
1, Hire a a Bolton and give him a full rubber suit and a very sharp knife.
2, cover the person in ointment.

Author — Richard Jackson


"Wait, Jorah! We're not cavemen! We have technology!"
*Cures greyscale by cutting it off with a knife*

Author — Forbidden Color


The tattoo artist when your card gets declined

Author — Psnowdog7


Can we appreciate how much pain Jorah probably went through? Like hell it’s on his back as well, and it sounded painful from the beginning.

Author — Bird


Sam's gonna be in a world of trouble when Professor Slughorn sees he flayed a patient.

Author — Ser Jaime Lannister


Indeed this is very satisfying to watch, its like that feeling of tearing off a scab.

Author — Derp Phil


I'd watch this scene 100 times instead of season 8 again.

Author — Daj


You can do it Jorah. Just think of Daenarys.

Author — Yellow Money


Samwell “shush”
Me “boi your skinning him alive”

Author — Jimmony Billybob


7:00 imagine getting paid massive bucks to pull that face. magic.

Author — fuqen gewgl


Seeing that layer of infected tissue being removed was oddly satisfying

Author — Skwisgar Skwigelf


I got burnt last december. My skin went away on my hip and hand. It was the most painful experience of my life. I can't even imagine to have so much skin that must be taken directly from you while you're still conscious... I know it's just a show but damn... I can relate so much to that pain right now...

Author — Farmace Rhaiden


Where is Ramsey Bolton when you need him?

Author — traveller4life123


Sam had me dying he was like, "Hold up bruh. I need to calm my nerves"

Author — Reckless_Fox


Wish it didn't cut off before it showed the final result. One of the best parts was Sam being told to be proud that he saved a man's life.

Author — chuckles7287