USS Macon underwater

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Thanks for this. As a minor point of correction, the wreckage of the Macon is situated about 80 miles m/l southeast of Half Moon Bay off the central California coast in a region more commonly referred to as the Monterey Bay area. Most likely south of the bay proper and perhaps 10-15 miles north of Pt. Sur in Big Sur.  

Author — Bitterbrush Bob


Its a bit sad to see the remains of such a great airship covered in muck and falling apartI will hopefully get to see one of the Macon's propellers when I go to EAA this summer.So interested in airships for only being 13 years old, aren't I?

Author — Carson Werner


There's actually a lone survivor at the Pensacola airmuseum in Florida. The others are probably so rotted and buried by silt now thaty they would fall apart if anyone tried to pul them out of the muck! Bersides: it's 1, 450 feet to where the planes are! Quite an undertaking in removing them! Thanks for the comment!

Author — Francisco Carvallo


Historic site - 'pft', - someone should retrieve the sparrow hawk(s) for a museum.

Author — Lulubelle Pitts


This is a cold, hard fact: the American military was more than happy to procure airships as partial reparations from Germany following the Great War, but they were morbidly averse to listening to and carrying out the technical and operational advice the German engineers and operators offered. Horrendous mistakes dating from Shenandoah forward doomed the U.S. airship program. Operating in conditions the ships were NEVER meant for, alterations to design that saved time and money but seriously compromised the design, sheer incompetence on the part of commanders-- had they simply been open to the support that was gladly (NOT begrudgingly) made available from the world's experts in the field, lives and resources would not have been lost. A wasted chapter in the history of aviation.

Author — Tim Callahan