Editing hair mesh for beginners. Part 1

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  • ℹ️ Published 3 years ago

A short tutorial with tips on how to edit EA hair meshes in blender for beginners.
You'll need: Sims 4 Studio, Blender 2.76 or 2.70

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This was extremely helpful, thanks so much!

Author — Hatsy


The most helpful tutorial ever! Small question: After import, the hair is transparent and I can see a bald head through it, any ideas?

Edit: For anyone having this issue, select the mesh in edit mode and click "Flip Normals" under "Shading/UVs" menu on the left side. Alternately you can either recalculate your normals or make sure your backface culling option is on :)

Author — L. Weiss


This is by FAR the most helpful mesh editing video I've seen on YT. Thank you SO much!! This is exactly what I needed to know to edit a mesh I downloaded! You've earned another subscriber! Cheers!

Author — Chick Jagger


One of the most helpful sims 4 tutorials I've seen. Thanks!

Author — 3D Noob


THANKYOU! You saved me lol. I was getting pretty frustrated but your tutorial was very clear and helpful for me - I just needed to lengthen a hair mesh. 😊

Author — SimSkeleton


i’ve been looking at so many videos today, and as helpful as they were this really helped me, i learnt the basics and was able to try harder things. Thank you 😊

Author — Kyanne Brown


that's amazing and super useful ♥♥♥ thank you so much for showing us =)

Author — Secretscones


Most helpful tutorial I've found. Thank you for showing everything from the beginning in S4S before going into Blender. It seems so simple, but as someone who just downloaded the program, I had no idea how to even get the file open lol

Author — Ebony Harris


Thank you, very helpful for a beginner like me! I have a question, If I wanted to start from a non base game hairstyle, would it have been available ingame only if I had the dlc installed or would the final hairstyle come out base game compatible anyway? Great video!

Author — Emma


Дорогой мой, спасибо за шикарный туториал!))

Author — Sugar Owl


Hi I have a windows 10 Labtop, and I followed the steps perfectly up until the G scroll part, for some reason the circle didn’t show up at all but the vertices were making the mesh bend in a weird way. but thanks for the tutorial👏😭

Author — Maya444


Hi! I have a quick question for you. Whenever I do this, it moves the entire mesh. What am I doing wrong? Thanks for your help!

Author — Tess Marie


thank you so much for doing this! however, when I go to merge my layers, they won't select.

Author — Jessie Terpstra


How funny--one of the CC hairs I want to create would probably also start with this mesh, and it would add a new wisp in the front. This looks really helpful; I assume the individual locks of hair can be lengthened using the same technique? I want to make my own CC for James from the Pokemon anime (I'm sure someone else already has but I like doing things myself.)

Author — Rosie Johnson


thank you very much ! waiting for the part 2

Author — Ameni Ben Fraj


Oh, It was really helpful and thank you for your job!! ♥ But I'm really true begginer :D :D and I'm waiting for next lessons! How can I reedit this hair with cap/hat in blender? ;c
Thank you! I'm really sad you didn't continue doing tutorials for beginners...

Author — Spacją się skacze


Hey thanks so much for this video! I’m having a few problems though and I was hoping you could help! So I made my mesh in blender then loaded it into s4s and everything looks great, but when I put the file in my mods and open the game up to test it, all the modifications I made to the mesh are gone and it’s just the base of the hair from the game 🙁 do you know why this is happening?

Author — Alex Webber


HEY..this is a great beginners video...HOWEVER...I'm trying to make a hair that is long on the sides and bald on top....sort of like the wizard from SHAZAM. Im using the female hair with the hair pulled back on top with the ponytail and just trying to delete that top part and for the life of me it wont save and transport into S4S...Any tips on deleting parts of a hairstyle???

Author — TJ Thomas


When I press G it just starts moving the entire mesh, I've followed all the instructions tho

Author — Fuchsia


it's helpful but what if my mouse middle scroll is broken and i can't buy in the midnight? is there possible without scrolling or setting up another? :'(

Author — mikochan