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dragon claw skill no longer block breaks and the strength multiplier reduced to 10%

Author — Phoeating


(normal mode)
E dragon fist 0:10
R dragon breath 0:17
T dragon claw 0:14
T dragon claw stance 1:00
Z dragon rush 0:32
X reverse dragon 1:37
C dragon skull crusher 1:07

Author — Iscai


tbh, seeing this makes me hope he can revisit the other styles in the future and make them pretty cool like this

Author — Mythical Kit!


Dragon claw and mera is such a good combo glad he implemented this feature hopefully this update is worth the wait

Author — AirSmells Good


I'd personally like to see more fighting styles just like this. This is freakin awesome. That's a lot of block breakers though.

Author — nardboy


Phoeyu really is putting some work, lets hope the game actually becomes as good as it once was

Author — Pavi Mishra


Without Mera-Mera no mi as your fruit:
E Dragon fist 0:10
R Dragon breath 0:17
T Dragon claw 0:14
T Dragon claw stance 1:00
Z Dragon rush 0:32
X Reverse dragon 1:37
C Dragon skull crusher 1:07

With Mera-Mera no mi as your fruit:
E Dragon fist 3:58
R Dragon breath 4:04
T Dragon claw 4:08
T Dragon claw stance 3:50
Z Dragon rush 4:13
X Reverse dragon 4:57
C Dragon skull crusher 4:46

Author — Scallors


It’s nice to see development picking up speed after the drop. GPO has potential and it can be amazing.

Author — Aura Emerald


Man I'm proud of you pho for how good you did. Honestly, Well done. I hope tori has a cinematic move similar to the ult of dragon claw.

Author — The Goon


The way this fighting style works is really balanced, giving ample time to perfect block the moves and not making them worthless, really hope this design gets passed to the other styles too

Author — UrticantOdin


I’m glad that phoeyu is starting to put in work because this game has so much potential the consistency and the nerfing is the only thing holding it back maybe it will get me back on

Author — SlothyMaT


As someone who was contemplating swapping off of Mera, I am glad that I decided to keep my fruit. It's so damn cool that we are getting a fighting style that directly acts with a devil fruit!

Author — DripHearts


Nice job pho, really did well on portraying dragon claw. Since it’s mostly based on grapple, the moves are slow and balanced. Continue with the great work!

Author — Tsukuyo


5 block breaks, a reversal, and burn dmg with mera is crazy. I do see stamina being a big problem though if youre pairing with mera

Author — Hyeumorless


this is straight up amazing for mera due to how it compensates for both meras low stat cap and small movepool by giving it viable moves now

Author — Slypy JAVA kid



Author — Zenpheny Gaming


Hola, como estan? me gusta su juego y queria saber si sadra alguna actualizacion para tiradores, me gusta ser un tirador pero veo que hay pocas cosas que pueda hacer un tirador, una sujerencia seria por ejemplo que a mas lvl de tirador mas rapido recargue, o tener un poco mas de daño al usar busoshoku haki (yo creí que daba mas daño con armas pero al parecer no, almenos en mi caso), o por ejemplo con Kenbunshoku haki poder disparar mas facilmente a la cabeza, solo son sugerencias.

Author — cfdavid fernandez


Bro Phoeyu is really doing good rn, he is caring about the community and adding actual cool content that we can use and enjoy. I only hope he can fix and improve some other current game systems. Especially the "mindlessly beating bosses times for a 0.001% drop" and I hope he adds an alternative to the current dungeons because I really hate dungeons! Anyway, keep up the good work!

Author — Kit Kat


Can’t wait for this to release next year!

Author — S. H.


Se ve que esta épico y potente me encantó mucho

Author — ElVichoDíaz