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#Dermatologist #DrDray on at what age to start retin A for #antiaging After I blab about that, then my mom & i went shopping at Dimensions in Houston. I got a new dress. We went to lunch at Jason's. Tybee said hi too!

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I thank my mother for never listening to anyone about NOT having to put sunscreen on me or my sister as kids because we were half black. Most of the black people I know look at me like I’m stupid when I say I put on an SPF EVERYDAY! When I suggest they should too, I get the entire “we are black and have melanin in our skin” speech. I never argue though lol. I just smile and nod 🤷🏽‍♀️

Author — J. Marie


Love this video but wish you would have gone a bit deeper into the collagen production aspect of it, which is also well-documented. I have been using Retin-A since I was 24; I am now 37. I call it the Fountain of Youth. I do one annual, deep TCA peel and Retin-A every other night. I have not aged in any tangible way for a decade. Highly recommend Tretinoin to anyone who is willing to use it religiously ( and be mindful of sun exposure while using it).

Author — J L


I started retin A a couple months ago. I’m 23 and I’m ready to look young forever :)

Author — Anonymous Princess


I'm glad you mentioned that sun protection during childhood is key. I used to hate putting on sunscreen as a kid, but my mom always made me. I'm 27 now and I'm not dealing with the sun damage that a lot of my friends are now. I did use Retin-A as a teenager for acne, but now I feel fine using Differin Gel. It's not as irritating for me. I've been thinking about switching back for anti-aging purposes, but it's so expensive. This cleared up a lot of my questions. Thank you!

Author — Garrick


I’ve been on tretinoin since I was 17 and been extremely diligent about sunscreen since I was 13! I started it for acne but staying on it for “anti aging” 🤷🏻‍♂️

Author — caleb


Awesome vlog! Thank you for covering solar elastosis! That's what I'm dealing with (as per my dermatologist). Your explanation was very user-friendly. I love my Obagi tretinoin 0.05, and I'm loving ISDIN Eryfotona Actinica Ultralight Emulsion 100 % mineral sunscreen (Broad spec SPF 50+, 11% zinc oxide) that I bought at the derm's office. So far, so good.

Author — Claudia


Hi, couple questions...

How far in advance do you recommend stopping Retin-A before becoming pregnant? Does your body need to purge the Tretinoin for a while or is just stopping use sufficient? Will stopping Tretinoin essentially have your skin continue aging on a normal pace from the time you first starting incorporating it in your regimen? And last question is... if stopped for a year then resumed, will your skin have to go through the purging process all over again? Thank you so much in advance!!

Author — C K


Dr. Dray, I just so appreciate all the information and knowledge you share on skin/skin health/ingredients, etc. You are doing a great job here! Thank you!!

Author — Athena Davies


Dr. Dray: I have used tretinoin every other night for a year, but have had a really hard time transitioning to using it every night due to irritation. Am I able to keep using it every other night for anti-aging effects, or is it necessary to get up to nightly use for at least those first few years? Thank you.

Author — 2010Elinor


Yes thank you Dr Dray on your recommendation on early sun protection! I totally agree. My daughter is only 4, but I started to see 2 tiny sun spot (freckles) on her cheeks. I kinda freaked out a little. Now I started using the Cleure sunscreen on her face cause it’s kid friendly (no fragrance and nasty chemical stuff) and moisturizing and no white cast. I plan on using Cleure for her during winter, spring and fall, and layer it with something more potent during summer months. She does not complain about putting it on cause she sees me doing it every morning, she kinda getting used to it now.

Author — TheLitterboxx


I'm 28 and started to use Retin A (.0025) two months ago. It didn't dry or purge my skin, but I really like how luminous my skin looks. I'm want to try a major percentage in a few months :) I think it's working fine for me.

Author — Carolina Morales


Thank you for sharing these pearls of knowledge with us! What are your thoughts on off-label use of isotretinoin (20 mg once or twice per month) for anti-aging effects?

Author — Wild Flowers


I'm relieved that I started just about the right time. I have been binge watching skincare videos lately and I love including retinol to my routine. 😊

Author — Sugawara's wife


Thank you for educating us on things that we can still use...so there is still hope for the aging women..taking the best care we can do for our skincare choices...xoxo ⚘🥀🌹

Author — Marlene Harden


I actually just started Retin-A last year, at age 27, but started really being diligent about it about October. I’m learning to be patient, because I’m barely starting to see results (less blemishes, brighter skin tone), but thanks to you, I know it’s one of the few true all-stars. Happy Saturday!

Author — Sal Ponce


I started using tretinoin at age 66, now almost 2 years later the change has been amazing. My dermatologist told me twice last month I looked beautiful! 😊 Her other big hint in my 50s was to stop drinking through a straw..wish I had know that tip in my 20s! Vertical lip lines, ugh, and I have never smoked.

Author — Roxanne Bernard


Because of you I was convinced to use tretinoin. It’s my first week since I started and I followed everythingI learned from your past videos. So far so good, not experiencing any irritation at all. Thanks Dr. Dray. 😊

Author — Ulrich Tabilog


I showed a snippet of this to my kids, the part about the importance of teaching little ones sun protection. Wearing our sun sleeves and SPF is right up there with wearing helmets and seatbelts, so having my kids hear it from an expert is so helpful. Thanks for all you do!

Author — JKRBW


i've been using tretinoin since my 20's and stepped up my sunscreen game to asian sunscreens in my 30's. Now 54 I get many compliments about my skin and while I'm sure tretinoin shows the most immediate results when reversing visible damage, the best testimony to it's long term results is the comparison of skin treated by tretinoin and protected by sunscreen to those who haven't in the same age range. I'm so glad I heeded one caution my mother gave me.

Author — Pamela R


Great information! Been using Rx Tretinoin for several years, the maintenance dosing sounds perfect. Thanks.

Author — Kamloops Cruiser