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If it has Tiger in the name its probably bad.

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I didn’t even realize that you killed a sub in that final clip 😂. Another great example of “himstorimcal accuramcy” by giving it ship based depth charges kekw

Author — @tigerterrorist79


The problem with the ship is that the secondaries are not modeled in world of warships.
In war Thunder for example the anti aircraft guns are brutal against enemy ships

Author — @dertobi257


I remember the first time I looked at this ship in the armoury and the good news/bad news nature of it stressed me out enough without having to buy it.

Author — @spacedoubt15


Thanks Wargaming for listening to the silent majority when it comes to the balansd DPM of the ship! Its a fair trade for sure!

Author — @sovietheart3883


If ever there was a ship in need of massive buffs it's the Tiger '59.

Author — @nicholasmelby5361


Got this crap in a container, while i had good games with it, it's way too stressful to play, even compared to stuff like Radar mino or Colbert, it's also what makes it fun from times to times, you just clench your buttcheeks 100% of the time. Good video, you conveyed exactly how it feels to play it.

Author — @solidtoto


Did not expect that Rossman cameo at the end. Thanks for the video.

Author — @UnfortunateWatcher


I bought Tiger 59' when it first came out and i dont regret it. So many people dont percive me as a threat and just leave me alone because of how little DPM I do. The only ones that really hate me are other AP only CLs

Author — @usssimshullnumberdd-4095


in Wargaming's eyes: "It has radar and smoke in separate slots. We will reduce this ship to a trash bin."

Author — @ReiYukihyo


Reminds me of the Huanghe.
Everyone hated the ship when it came out.
I use it to hunt down DDs, it is exceptional in that job.
It does force you to play your best game every time

Author — @tigershark7155


The only ship that can get it's player burnt out while being unable to burn anybody else, truly a great experience!

Author — @julopabene8736


i still remember my friend said "bro, when the true brits ships come. by i mean true, i mean a ship that overworks you to death, gives so little rewards to you and then gave you stockholm syndrome"

that was one year ago and now this ship arrives


Author — @terumiaihara4246


I did that middle of the map stunt in convoy mode on Hotspot with the Ohio. By the time the enemy realized what was happening I had killed 4 transports.

Author — @General_Cartman_Lee


That Louis Rossman cameo at the end... A man of culture and a man after my own heart!

Author — @FreagaZ


not only do the players hate this thing the people who actually serviced it hate it

Author — @wack6692


There's something to be said about being able to make a crap ship perform. I salute your endeavor.

Author — @cavscout1739


One doesn't simply 'Tiger 59' one must just accept you are a citadel made of glass and sandpaper

Author — @rockyhudson


Tiger '59 certainly is a ship of all time

Author — @nedmorris3303


I play this ship for giggles. Friends often say they have bad ships and can't do anything. Then I pull this thing for a spin of masochism and suddenly my friends say they have pretty decent ships. Huh, I wonder.

Got it from container and wish I could return the container with the ship but oh well...

Author — @zathy5698


Wouldn't even be too far fetched to have the reload mod baked into the guns, what with them being Mino guns and all.
Then again, having this thing be actually good would probably do more harm than good for the game. Which itself would be so on brand for current Wargaming that it's a small miracle it hasn't already happened.

Author — @Loaderiser