Tommy Lee Sparta - Shook (Uncle Demon) OFFICIAL Music VIDEO

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Shook (Uncle Demon) Official Music Video September 2012
Produced By Robert "Dinearo" Graham UIM Records

Director- DK Konsepp - SR Productions
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Just in time for the halloween season, dancehall's man of the moment, Tommy Lee Sparta has released his own horror flick.

His highly anticipated, Shook (Uncle Demon) video has been officially unveiled. Michael Jackson, the artiste's biggest influence played a major role with the videos concept.

Tommy was inspired by Jackson's iconic music video from 1984, Thriller. Thriller is regarded as one of the greatest music videos of all time and the artiste felt the need to create his own version.
The Shook (Uncle Demon) video was shot in Port Royal. This location was chosen by the artiste who believes the now destroyed city should be filled with spirits from catastrophic earthquakes of the past. An element that would add a perfect back drop to the frightening images and effects that he wants to thrill his audience with. According to Tommy, "Uncle Demon is entertainment, mi want recreate the horror house from school days and weh me see Michael Jackson a gwaan wid back inna the days. Everybody love scary movies, that is just excitement! "

Tommy played the split personality lead roles of, Uncle Demon and Nephew Demon, both his alter egos. The video was directed by fellow Montegonian, DK Konsepp of SR Productions. Konsepp produced Tommy Lee Sparta's first video, "Warn Dem" in 2009. Shook (Uncle Demon) which is produced by Robert "Dinearo" Graham is track #7 on Tommy Lee Sparta's soon to be released Grim Reaper EP. Grim Reaper will be the first compilation to be released by the artiste and is a collaborative effort with UIM Records through 21st Hapilos. The EP will be available on I Tunes on October 2nd and will feature nine (9) tracks.

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This song took a danchall artist in the Rock n Roll hall of fame... Tommy Lee you make the world a listen the genre

Author — Chef Miguel


love all tommy songs. if you have nothing good to say don't say nothing

Author — Jen K


Gothic Dancehall music...Im really feeling it..Tommy Lee is a trailblazer. respect.

Author — Nottotv


I've followed reggae music since I was a child and it is by far my favourite genre of music. Music isn"t just music. It's often an (public) expression or someone. it's a state of mind. it's a story being told about a person's life. As much as I like the rhythm and beat of this song, the meaning behind it is very satanic and Illuminati driven, pay attention people. I'm not saying don't listen to this song or to any Illuminati based music I'm suggesting u be aware of what it may lead to...

Author — Lavender Bryan


I love this video it plays with your inner demons!!

Author — Jumah E


very artistic...taking dancehall videography into a different dimension. Well done>

Author — Lord Charles


i have this song as my ringtone, just to scare my parents and friends lolololol

Author — Dragking40


I'm so glad someone else finally sees what I've been seeing. Tommy Lee is a Dancehall & Goth/Heavy metal mix. He's literally created a new sub culture of dancehall. Just because you're dark, doesn't mean you're evil.

Author — Annelle Muse


Just what Jamaica and the West Indians need, great influence for the youth

Author — FutureStyles


nuff respect from italy big up Tommy Lee!!

Author — Rice Mi Seh


About time Jamaica has a Horrorcore sub genre, Hip hop and Rock has it...glad Dancehall is catching up.

Author — Edward Basana


Know how long this come out an still big big up to my lee

Author — Shanice Burgess



Author — lee paroman


Every time me nd me mada hear dis she look pon me nd smile favorite song dis from me a toddler tpc

Author — Fargo.9_F.N.E


pure entertainment respect to the artist tommy lee sparta people are afraid of what they don't understand

Author — DAREAL BeNjaMiN


Nice!!! Tommys opening the minds of the ignorant. Open eyes make the world a better place. Keep doing what your doing.

Author — HammerHammerhead


finally someone who sees it for what it is

Author — Ashaki Dilnassa


Music can be very influential, especially on these young kids. Its just music to us, but unfortunately there are kids out there who look up to these artist.

Author — StunnerGirl1


love this video the song is very great tommy leeee

Author — Shonnaza Adams


When yuh vex just listen, yuggo feel to kill😈😈