Michelle Obama says her brother is still their mother's favorite

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Michelle Obama says her brother is still their mother's favorite 4.5

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She is so amazing! So poised and elegant. Her story is phenomenal. I have never read a book so fast.

Автор — Marley Miller


👏🏾”I live in the White House, what more do I have to do.” 😂😂😂😂

Автор — TB Rogers


Michelle is a diamond!! 😘😘 I loved this interview.

Автор — H. Santos


I didn’t know Michelle had a brother?! They look so much alike. It’s like looking at a bald Michelle😂

Автор — SlippingAway


From one south side raised girl to another, I love you Michelle Obama! Chicago does produce intelligent, educated black women...I have a Bachelor's, Master's, and I went to law school 😉😋👩🏿‍⚖

Автор — Benita Esq.


OMG, they look like they could get away as twins. Their facial expressions are exactly the same and that big beautiful smile, on both if them.

Автор — Susan Beckett


That pic of Michelle and Craig with parents..and the way Craig held michelle's hand is everything indeed Craig was a wonderful brother..and he still is... So sweet!

Автор — Willingness Zyambo


It is so refreshing to see a woman of class

Автор — Diane Riley


No disrespect meant to the fans of the current President, but how did we go from this to that?

Автор — JamKick


And then Americans decided to spice things up a bit by putting a crazy reality star in office. 🤣🤣🤣

Автор — Christinah Shongwe


Who didn’t like the video?? So much childishness over politics. She’s a smart, poised woman that always tries to be positive. Get over the fighting and become one.

Автор — Pink Cashmere


I'm a British male in my late 20s and all I want to do is be better and strive to reach the heights of success that Mrs Obama has. What a wonderful and inspirational woman.

I've loved watching Mrs Obama over the last few weeks reappear after what seems like a transformational break from the spotlight. Watching how she inspired that young woman to go to Princeton and made her goals seem that much more achievable has warmed my heart.

Whether Michelle decides to run in 2020 or not, I know I speak for many when I say I would love to see the Obamas back in the White House.

Автор — Josh Aarons


Her book is a must read
Saved my life, it will save yours

Автор — tony montana


Her brother looks more like her than she looks like herself

Автор — DAT BOI


Felt the emotions when she talked about her dad

Автор — Joyce Joyce


I have nothing to do with the grace, intelligence and inspiration these 2 people clearly bestow and share with the world, but I am so PROUD of them. I am content knowing that they exist in the world and can't help but nod to their mother and father for raising such stellar humans. It's impressive and heart-warming.

Автор — Annette Guarrasi


imagine being the borhters children "my aunt was the First lady" XD

Автор — Troy Smalley


Even her brother has incredible poise and such great stage presence!

Автор — Anna Laurent


This is what happens when children are raised right! Kudos to their parents!

Автор — lpgilber


Reading the book right now. Michelle Obama's story is so inspiring! Thank you for sharing it with us. Always admired her and the President, their intellect, their elegance, how well they speak, how compassionate they are! THAT is what makes excellent President and First Lady.
Miss those days!

Автор — Anjali S