Photography Lighting Tips: How to Shoot in Direct Sunlight

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Photography Lighting Tips: How to Shoot in Direct Sunlight 5

Photography Lighting Tips: How to shoot in direct sunlight. Have you ever wondered whether you can still capture beautiful portraits, even in difficult lighting scenarios?

One of the best skills you can learn is how to shoot in direct sunlight - learning where to position your subject, and determining which angle is the best one to shoot from. As photographers, we can’t always control our lighting scenarios, and the reality is that there will be times when you want to take photos in lighting that is a little less than ideal. 

Here is one example of a really difficult lighting scenario: a a really bright day, in full sunlight. There’s also nothing particularly beautiful about this setting, but the point here is that I’m going to show you how you can still get a really beautiful portrait, even in not-so-great-light like this.

In this quick tutorial, Kimberlee from Cole's Classroom demonstrates where NOT to position yourself, and then where the best place is to position yourself when shooting in harsh or tough lighting situations. These lighting tips are perfect for beginning photographers learning the basics of lighting techniques for photography.

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Dude, I was SO stupid all these years, complaining how direct sunlight is the crapiest light, but it is beautiful! :D

Author — Marko Subotin


i've been distracted by her sweet cuteness :)) thank you for the info

Author — Teddy Cristian


Exactly what I have been looking for! Thank you for sharing.

Author — Kristie McCarthy


Hi, thanks for this tutorial. Anyway, for the tree's shadow situation, I'd say I prefer the first "facing-light" attempt: those dots of light remember me Renoir.

Author — Adriano Castaldini


Simple, straight to the point and very helpful 👏

Author — Ellis Guerrero


I'd prefer having image info too. What setting were used and are the final pictures unedited or not?

Author — Aki Pajarinen


Good and straightforward advices :) thank you so much!
As people mentioned before, I also strongly recommend you bring a simple reflector/diffuser everywhere. They are cheap, convenient, and tremendously helpful.

Author — BUI TUNG


This is exactly what i wanted to know, very good video.


Author — Alfy Tavarez


Thanks for sharing. Very useful tips. :)

Author — Li Yang


You are a life saver i never had seen tips like you gave in this video and on your page so practical and yet professional at the same breath i'm a new photographer and it helped me a lot thank you very much keep the good work and good luck

Author — Shay Hemdee


curious what your settings would have been set at for these shots?

Author — Jillian Verner


After watching your video I badly want a sweet, little model like your's😍😍😍

Author — পা র মি তা


Great tutorial - thank you. What type of lense were you using? 35mm or 50mm F1.8?

Author — Heiko Jonkers


I actually really like the dappled light on her, while in the shade facing the sun:)

Author — Hailey Harber


Wow! I've been shooting all wrong... Thanks for that video. I'm a new subscriber now

Author — Jason Keen


Wow!!! So simple... this was great thank you very much!!!

Author — cook2030


Good tips! Also great to put subject on edge of shade and make sure and meter for their face!

Author — Tina M


Super helpful and to the point, thank you!

Author — George Heckert


so am I correct in assuming that I should be using spot metering on canon?

Author — Donte Jackson


I love the video :) very quick and useful tips. However, I've been reading MIXED reviews/thoughts on the matter of "do not have the sunlight at their backs." Your thoughts?

Author — Jesse Roussell