Storm Ciara BHX

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Storm Ciara BHX 5

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Just quick clip of ATR 72600,storm Ciara ar Birmingham Int Airport!!

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Brave pilots.thank goodness they landed ok ...hope everyone will be safe...nice to see an God bless x

Author — Wendy Raymond


By god I'm glad I'm not on that flight!

Author — William Baynes


Good landing there, considering they were going sideways.

Author — drumstick74


Still hit the centre line too! *salute*

Author — Sali


Been in a few in high winds and i wasn't the only one who had a brown trouser moment

Author — Steve Holmes


Oh, am I right in thinking that this flight was the one that landed just before half past four, the Aer Lingus Regional? If so, then I was on this flight!

Author — Imogen Bailey


Saw this today. We parked in the old airport multi storey carp-ark.

Author — DerbJd


That's a great shot in the beginning, showing the crab and the left to right motion of the clouds. No better visualization of crosswind!

Author — Mark Harrison


Smack bang in the middle! What a pilot.

Author — Acrobatic Cripple


Привет с Колымы Магадан, я тагильчянин и Тагил рулит ТЧ-1 Смычка ВГОК 10.2.20.

Author — Владимир Кусков


lots of right rudder to hold the centre line, then left rudder to straighten up and right aileron to hold the wing down, nicely executed captain.

Author — Adrian Seal


I guess this landing filled up a few sick bags, but the crew handled it like Pros!
...well, I guess that's just what they are. 😉

Author — LEJ.approach/dvldi


Why didn't they close the damned airport? Is money that important? Geez.

Author — catbyte 06


No pressure there then, as the pilot takes a glance down and sees a spotter with a video camera! 😷

Author — Steven G


Why doesn't the runway look straight or level from your angle?

Author — Hew Jarsol