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Mia Khalifa - BBC HARDtalk 4.5
The human preoccupation with sex is nothing new – but the internet has made it so much easier to explore and exploit every shade of desire. The online porn industry makes billions of dollars in profit every year, but the big winners are corporate players, not the women and men performing the sex acts. Stephen Sackur interviews Mia Khalifa. She was briefly a porn actress, garnering worldwide notoriety when she appeared in a sex video wearing the Islamic hijab. After years of threats and insecurity, she’s speaking out. What does her story tells us about the porn industry and 21st century culture?

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When I googled Mia Khalifa BBC HARD this isn't where I expected to end up

Author — TehBird


Has anyone said “She’d know a lot about BBC huh?”

Author — The Bull Moose


She has done more to wreck Islam than decades of Zionists running the US.

Author — Don Rounds


Wars are going on all over the world. Children are being kidnapped all over the world.

Author — Sauvage Ascension


Mia ISIS mean Israeli secret intelligence service.... and everything is fine.

Author — Mr Danyel


BBC is straight savage for not disabling the comments bruh

Author — Ray


Lol this dude sure did do his research, the snap backs are too real😂😂😂

Author — Jean Bottex


It’s never what she asked for?? 😂😂 No on forced her

Author — fried chicken


first time seeing mia khalifa in full clothes for 24 min straight 😖

Author — alexmendoza140


Host acting like he doesn't know what porhub is😂😂

Author — TheGreat Dyke


The internet does not forgive and does not forget

Author — Collins Andobe


Imagine this guy getting caught researching Mia Khalifa by his wife. The only time he gets to say "for research purposes"

Author — truth seeker


This dude for sure has a premium account on the hub

Author — Louie LoPresto


I hope she'll find a better life to live.
A peaceful life. Amen

Author — Daya


She chose "BBC" to be interviewed?
I'm not suprised at all 😂

Author — The Yemeni Patriot


Interviewer sounds like he did an extensive research on the topic 😂

Author — Manoj Reddy L


Khalifa - "It blew up in my face"
Sackur - "It really did"
Me - Let's see the clip

Author — DJ LeGen Darry


Mia - 'It blew up in my face"
Interviewer "it really did"


Author — SDSen


"They just saw you as a money machine" That is the porn industry as a whole.

Author — Chase Murphy


I was waiting for him to say “ I believe we have a clip”

Author — John Conlon