MiBoxer C4-12 4-Bay 3A Intelligent Battery Charger

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This new MiBoxer, the C4-12, is a 4-slot charger that has a lot more power than a 4-slot toaster!! At the maximum current, it can charge at 3000mA! It also has a power bank feature.

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Hello @Lightsngear,
I wanted to ask you if the fixed amperage that you can preset also stays at the same value or do you have to select it every time you charge batteries?
Since I own only Li-Ion batts it would be a useful information for me.
Kind regards

Author — 910nelson910


Any other good smart chargers for 18650 to 21700 cells that measure capacity that you know of? From what I've come across this miboxer might be the best choice for a budget.

Author — Justin Vicars


Great review! Can you select the charge rate (1A, 2A, 3A) or does it pick it for you?

Author — Peter Z


Hello buddy. I've seen it shows 999 mOhm. I read somewhere that if you push the battery from the bottom up against the metal contacts as soon as you put the battery in and hold it like that for like 10 seconds, the reading will be different. I assume the metal contacts are made with some crappy material. I tested this method and it worked. The same battery first time showed 250, I took it out, put it in and pushed and showed 35. Give it a try man.

Author — Massimo Cavalieri d'Oro


If the charger breaks after using a higher voltage power adapter on it, can it still be fixed or is it better to throw it away?

Author — izri1


Hello, can this charger discharge 18650 li-ion batteries?? Thanks

Author — niobo


this one can take 4 x 21700 at the same time?

Author — mama papa


A charger that is ready for 21700 batteries, nice.

Author — קארטיוב


I bought one from Amazon, buy it has two buttons, one says SLOT, while the other says MODE.

Author — ThPappas


What is the lowest Amperage charge current for NIMH AAA with this C4-12 charger.

Author — African Twin


I just had it for a few hours, but the 3A rate has to be selected manually for it to be a fast charge.
I use mostly 18650 batteries, should I select 3A or leave it automatically select its current? I have a few 26650 too with 5300 mah capacity.
I selected 3A on 2 slots and left the other 2 slots untouched, the selected slots with 3A charged much faster than the other 2.
My model got the 2 yellow button with SLOT and MODE for selecting the 3A rate. Probably the upgraded version of this C4-12.

Author — khoiquach


I see they did not include any charge status lights, like green and red. Is there a way to tell when a cell is done charging without having to manually cycle through the 4 slots?

Author — JasonWW2000


Had mine for a few years..I have a few complaints with it...It want discharge a battery ..All the double and triple A batteries read very low percentage after you charge them and wait a few hours after charge then reinsert them back into the charger..I do not mind them problems ..The one problem I realy dislike is the last slot on the right side..The problem with that slot is high internal resistance even with new batteries..I still like it very much.

Author — Jay None


Y donde estan los 3000 mha de carga ???

Author — Luis camaño


Does this charger have discharging feature?

Author — Eric Abraham