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Algerian Wedding | Al Jazeera World 4.5

A rare glimpse at people's daily lives in western Algeria as we go behind the scenes at three different weddings.

Summer in Algeria - the largest Arab country in the world and the biggest in the African continent - is a popular time of year for traditional, elaborate weddings, particularly in the lead-up to Ramadan.

At the heart of these celebrations are the brides with their hand-made outfits, their jewellery and the henna parties; as well as the delicious food that accompanies every step of the marriage process. Plus the music and armed horsemen in tribal war dress.

This colourful film takes us through the rituals and significance of Algerian traditions by following three different wedding ceremonies.

We speak to heritage researchers about Algeria's marriage traditions and see how engagements and arrangements are formalised. This film is an intimate look at the preparations and rituals of these rich and sumptuous family celebrations.

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Greetings from Afghanistan. I hope one day my country also become peaceful. This is my only hope in my life. peace is the mother of everything.

Author — Dad Mohammad Basiri


It looks like you're walking into a room full of queens. I love the traditional clothing. 🤩

Author — Brianna Espinoza


Dear friend @brianna you have said correct. She seems like queen

Author — Miss Anjiara Begum


I just love learning about my fellows Africans brothers and sisters from different parts of our beautiful continent mama Africa! God bless for you for sharing this beautiful documentary about an Algerian culture it was very enjoyable and informative I got to learn a lot about their traditions and all the weddings ceremonies were all beautiful and the traditional clothing were so beautiful and royalty styles I love it all bravos 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽God bless you for continue to share different Africans countries cultures 🙏🏽🙏🏽✊🏽✊🏽

Author — Emeline Seymour Gbor


My favourite wedding tradition countries
India, Algeria and Malasia

Author — BH H


I am Somali and I have never seen a Algerian wedding before.Absolutely gorgeous..Thanks for sharing..!!

Author — حجابي هويتي


Wow !! Beautiful women and the weddings 👰🏻 their culture is very beautiful 👍🏻 greetings from a Mexican woman 👩🏻 May Allah / God bless you Algeria 🇩🇿

Author — Veronica Torres


I hv many friends that come from Algeria, , I like them to be as my bestfriend, I have A religion that same also....
salam from Indonesian🙏🇮🇩

Author — E Young


we Pakistani love our brothers and sisters in Algeria

Author — Abdul Khan


One place I’d love to visit ❤️ from Australia 🇦🇺

Author — Zebra Warrior Strong


I love Algeria my boyfriend is algerian what a beautiful country greatings from Argentina 🇦🇷🇩🇿😘

Author — Ailin Guajardo


I’m from Norway.. But i LOVE Algeria I don’t love it I IT!!! Alle Norge ßamodn дыьвж 🇩🇪🇷🇺🇳🇴 воз жемчугу воз жзиуы фжрукщф? 🇩🇿

Author — Emily Jessy YT


I'm Russian muslima from Moscow and I'm love Aljeria I like this country 😘



احلى واروع ناس الجزائر
من فلسطين كل التحية

Author — شاطئ الذكريات


Love from America. Everything in these videos looks so picturesque.

Author — Elizabeth Ross


I am proud of my other country as an algerian/hungarian girl 😊

Author — Aida Kerbeche


Beautiful culture and very unique. Love and greeting to the people of Algeria all the way from the Kingdom of Tonga, the Island in South Pacific

Author — Tonga Topsir


Fascinating! Algeria.. A country I would love to visit...

Author — Maria C B. Goncalves Da Silva


U just saw 1% of the Algerian weddings!
All this wedding are in the west of Algeria
There still the east the south etc...
Each state in Algeria has its own tradition food culture etc....
Especially in my city Constantine

Author — far ouk


I am Bangladeshi i love Algerian people because this my brother's and sister's

Author — Zohirulislam shimul