Controversial and Rare MMA moments in 2019

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Controversial and Rare MMA moments in 2019 4.5

Here are Controversial and Rare MMA moments in 2019!

We find 11 Rare and controversial MMA moments in 2019:
Good referees, Bad referees, Quickest knockouts, Cheap shots, Weird fights and fighters, Dirty fighter, Dazed fighters and some romantic moments at the end!

Something new and different - hope you like it !

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I’m not even FINISHED WATCHING & this is the best MMA vid I’ve seen this year (🦆)!!

The “WORST REF” should be convicted of attempted murder for letting that fight go with 20 SECONDS of brain-damaging hammers to an unconscious HEAD!! Ho-lee $HIT!!!

Автор — AJ Constantine


10:50 - A Brazilian said in the background: this defeat will be even more expensive! Laughed !!!

Автор — Thiago


The wedding proposal stole the shine from the guy that won the fight 😂😁.

Автор — Richard Crosby


That guy that kept the choke after the tap should be banned

Автор — Creepy Uncle Joe


6:00 Okay, he injected his arms.
6:10 And it looks like he injected his face.

Автор — Arnell Long


Dude lost the fight then signed up to lose half his stuff.

Автор — Anony Mouse


Tony Ferguson the type of guy to tell the referee "I want a good clean fight and protect yourself at all times"

Автор — EJF SFC


Man, you gotta respect that guy for proposing to his fiance AFTER taking a loss. Something about that resonated with me.

Автор — Dallas Bagley


Last guy is a champ in my eyes, went out on his shield, and found a wife, Respect.

Автор — HurricaneProductions


I think synthol man proves he sucks at everything

Автор — brandon perkins


Gets his ass whooped “ yo on the real I don’t care I’m in love”

I fw that

Автор — Marshon Barrino


That first fighter was hit so hard he was sent to a parallel earth for a split second where he actually won the fight.

Автор — midus0013


If you hold the choke 5 seconds after tapping and the ref is tryna pull you off then it should be an automatic DQ

Автор — Johnny Boy


damn his girl is hot but propose after losing lol

Автор — daniel holden


10:28 Proposing at a live event is a good way to save $1000 on an engagement photo session

Автор — Graham Whatmough


Proposing marriage after a loss takes a real pair. Kudos to the loser who won for life.

Автор — Greg Blesch


Sees the title: ok

Sees man walking down the stairs: WTF AM I LOOKING AT?! 😲😲😲

Автор — Lucky Moua


4:23 that quimby dude was just pissed he couldn't wear his bra in the some flappers.

Автор — Shang Hunter


6:03 Looks like he's wearing those pool floaters little kids use to stay above water😂

Автор — Pacman The Packer Man


8:52 Stoppage wasn't really to early, dude just shelled up against the cage and his opponent throw 35 unanswered strikes, plenty of which were significant and loud body shots

Автор — GodDamnFranz